Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Her Kindercrush"


It's the last day of the month & waaahhh!!!How quickly time passes by...Tomorrow is holiday and the 1st day of the coming month is gonna be a bit busy for some political rallies set to take in...Have to find some alternate routes...

It's a bit HOT nowadays but thanks to some cool music to lighten up the fiery mood & I've miss this band for it has the music that properly fit in this kind of weather,Setting up half-smiles and frowns the 1st time i've heard them one afternoon,It was early 2004 when i was attending my summer class...Walking along the bristle lanes of Intramuros up to the time i got home humming the melodies of "Dorothy" singing along with it's "do rot do roo" chorus lines...I have always loved Carnival Park.

Formed in the nothern city of Valenzuela,Philippines in 1999 armed with their pop antics,The 1st line-up is composed of Khristian Emas (guitars),Evan Gallo (guitars,vocals),Madz Dilabakun (drums) & Ryan Marquez (see:Apple Orchard/Sodajerk/The Haircuts/Dorian Of Juniper Bells) (bass),Cez Silva (vocals) & Mike Dy (Toy Keyboard) who would later launch the Dorothy label.Listening to them is like dipping ice cream on a hot summer afternoon without even melting it,The music soothes along with it's toy keyboard roaring along the lines of pop perfection reminding of the music of Moving Pictures,Club 8,Shoestrings,800 Cherries and any Twee that comes to your Twee mind.

They have released a CD-R EP titled "Her Kindercrush" on Shelflife Records in 2001 which brought attention not only in the local community but also outside the world.They also released a split CD-EP with Sodajerk titled "That Happy Glow" on Dorothy Records in 2002.Just when things are shaping up the 2nd line-up changed came as soon as the band is already circulating the local indie community back in 2002,Ryan left for the US as a new voice came on board in the form of Chai Enriquez (vocals/guitars) which is a hands down choice for the band.They are also included in "Dashboard Teddy Version 1.0" released by Dorothy Records in 2003 contributing a cool cover of "Portland,Oregon" by The Cat's Miaow but it was not ending there as they also done a very pretty cover of The Autocollants song "Candy Coated Kisses" which was on the "You're Still Young At Heart" compilation also released by Shelflife Records in 2003.

Still tensions on the band continue but it didn't stop them producing great song after another as a proof of this was they became part of the fine compilation titled "Guitar Sketch" released internationally by Quince Records of Japan which featured other great bands.An even growing tension resulted on Mike forcing himself out of the band & He was replaced by Joy to play the keyboards...The last time i've seen the band was @ the Girlboy Gig happened on Big Sky Mind a couple of years ago...I've miss them...from the time i've met Mike & Chai on LRT Blumentritt Station back in early 2004,Ryan on a Buzznite one Saturday night in 2004 up to seeing the whole gang one Girlboy gig also that same year...When can i hum those lines again...?

Feel free to visit their Myspace to hear/download some of their wonderful miss tunes!!!

You can also view a couple of their live videos Here

Buy their releases Here

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"I Don't See You As A Dead Blog"


It's been a while since i posted & Glad to be back as im a bit busy on life lately but it's fun & lovely!Sorry for the e-mails i responded a bit late but you've got all the answers and It's a bit sunny and hot but thanks for the great news that arrived in my ears in this month,A bit of sunshine P!O!P!.First was a brand new release from lovelorn duo,The Haircuts (who i featured Here) which marked their LP debut titled "Sorrow Is The Way To Love" on Yellow Mica Recordings.It features 10 new songs recorded last year and you can buy the CD direct from Yellow Mica Recordings or if you are in the US,It is now distributed by Asaurus Records.Lovey dovey!

Now back on tip top shape but lately i've been having a hard time listening on most stuff that is new because time is not on my side but whenever im home i still manage to bring on some tunes to bop on my head...Just like the past days,Im very hook on this spunky yet bubbly girl group from Glasgow,Scotland called Tibi Lubin.

Formed by Katie Stewart (vocals/guitar) in 2002.Several line-up changes followed which at present was composed of Anji-Jane Kelly (bass/vocals) and Rowan Smith (drums).The band plays music that rings comparisons to The Shangri-Las,Marine Girls,Claudine Longet,Astrud Gilberto.They have released their debut LP "I Don't See You As A Dead Girl" on Rev-Ola label consecutively produced by Joe Foster.It includes the cool "Electric Blanket" & my personal fave "Miss Myopia".They are currently working on a new full length which hopefully be released soon!

Here are a couple of their bubblegum splash pop songs to stumble upon:

Tibi Lubin - "Assasination no. 96"
Tibi Lubin - "Miss Myopia"

You can also download the remix version of "Electric Blanket" (which is not included in the LP)done by Norman Blake & Joe Foster Here

You can buy their release Here or direct from Rev-Ola