Sunday, June 26, 2005

"This Gentle Feeling"


Welcome to my new blog & i do hope it will last!:)
Well,To start things off,i will feature some stuff & artists that i like & i hope you also like...Im planning some interviews & im keeping my fingers cross & im still uploading the blog so be sure to check it out often:)

By the way,Im just listening to some songs that i think show how i (& many others for sure) miss.Here's the setting:

The Jesus & Mary Chain - "Between Planets"
The Hummingbirds - "Barbarian"
The Field Mice - "Willow"
Soft Pillow Kisses - "Harsh Words"
The Jeremiahs - "The Reason"
Camera Obscura - "Before You Say Goodbye"
Close Lobsters - "From This Day On"
Uncletoe Portasound - "Elephant Stone"
The Happy Couple - "Another Sunny Day"
One Thousand Violins - "If Only Words"

How bout you?Let me know what you think & maybe now...Popstar's can dance!