Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Moon Like A Pearl"


Being away for a while is such a hard thing...I miss so much & Im just glad to hear some of the coolest tunes ever graced this planet from another exciting band named,Pia Fraus.

It all started in 1998 in Tallinn,Estonia when six art school students namely Kärt Ojavee (synthesizers),Kristel Loide (vocals 1998-2001),Rein Fuks (guitars/vocals),Tõnis Kenkmaa (guitars),Reijo Tagapere (bass) and Joosep Volk (drums 1998-2003) came together.1999 came their first gig & after some concerts they started recording their first album "Wonder What It's Like" which was released in spring 2001 by themselves.

Armed with their haunting influences of My Bloody Valentine mixed with a poppy Rocketship minus the ambient leaning sound,They sent some jet streaming demos to different labels and their next full length album "In Solarium" was released under Clairecords in summer 2002.Kristel left the band and Eve Komp replaced her.In autumn of 2003 Clairecords released "Plastilina EP" which included tracks from "Wonder What It's Like".Before that Margus Voolpriit replaced Joosep.

At the beginning of 2004 Vinyl-Junkie Recordings released "In Solarium" with bonus tracks in Japan.In September later that year "Mooie Island EP" was released under their own label SekSound.Then in spring 2005 Vinyl-Junkie Recordings released compilation CD "Sailing On A Grapefruit Lake" in Japan which also includes two videos.I posted a couple of their songs:

Pia Fraus - "Moon Like A Pearl"
Pia Fraus - "400 & 57"

More on Here to discover how it feel's like between planets!

Buy their releases Here

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"New Affections & Old Standards"


Glad to be back from a tiring vacation a couple of days & last night chit chat talk til' morning with Allan Montero (Candyaudioline/Soft Pillow Kisses/Aspirin/Superminty) & Joey Santos (ex-Superminty/Candyaudioline/Judith).
I was also a bit tired after finishing my prelim examination's,Now back on track & i just love it when i heard a band which can i truly say "Indie",I want to hand it down to another great band,The Silly Pillows.

From their 60's pop leanings combined with twee oriented feel in their songs,The band which started to be a home recording project of Jonathan Caws-Elwitt (singer/songwriter/instruments) & wife Hilary Caws-Elwitt (vox/instruments) back in 1986.They released their demos/songs on their own Pillow Image Ltd. via cassettes who gained them a following,including Dj's,fanzine writers,listeners.Hilary left in 1992 just as they are on the verge of releasing an EP on the German label,Hoppel di Hoy Records.

After a year,The band was now joined by Jonathan's brother,Sam Elwitt.They now switch to full studio recordings & which now see's them releasing old home recordings & making records on different labels.They have released their debut LP "Strangest Of The Strange" (i love this one!) in '94."Up In The Air" released in '95 was also a great LP which compiled some of their earlier recordings & in 1996 saw the band reaching the japanese pop charts at #3 with their split single with the band Citrus.This year also saw them rehearse & perform as a live act & what a cool way to start with a big PILLOW on stage.

A retrospective was released by a major label in Japan in 1997 & the band still continue to tour & completing the new LP with the current line-up of Jonathan Caws-Elwitt & Belinda Miller on lead vocals,Sam Elwitt on guitar,Charlie Zayleskie on keyboards,Michael E. Fiato on bass & Dave Joachim on drums.A year after,"New Affections" was released to a wider audience in spite of an Import only release & charting on various college radio stations & even MTV.A series of gigs followed accompanied by a quirky video done by the band.

The band is on hiatus & not active as of now but head pillow Jonathan Caws-Elwitt has some new recordings done on his own which you could find Here & you can also download his "Black & White Bathroom" EP Here

I've also done an interview with Jonathan Caws-Elwitt last summer through e-mail:

Jun Eric:Hi Jonathan,Can i ask who are the influences of the band whether in writing or making music?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:My biggest influences were mid-60's pop/rock/psych bands like the Beatles,Kinks, Byrds, Hollies, Zombies, Who,Beach Boys, Turtles, early Jefferson Airplane,Chad & Jeremy and lots of obscure singles and albums by lessfamous 60's bands. Punk-pop sounds (especially the Buzzcocks) were alsoan important influence, and from what I was hearing in the '80s I was inspired by bands like the Three O'Clock and the Rain Parade.You might be interested in a web page I wrote that chronicles the historyof the Silly Pillows in more detail:http://www.salticid.com/sillypillows/sphistory.html

Jun Eric:Wow,What a slew of lists it was:) I love some of them,Im more of a Beach Boys/Byrds fan than The Fab Four but still like them though & in the 60's,Which my father can relate to cause he is the one who intoduced me to this kind of music,I loved The Shang-rilas,The Ronettes,The United States Of America,The Orchids,Etc.

Jun Eric:Can i count The Faces (way before Rod entered the relic)?I think The Small Faces (Steve Marriott era) had a great sound!?Should Syd Barrett era of Floyd counted or it was more of Roger Waters?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Personally, I like the Barrett-era stuff.

Jun Eric:Wow,Buzzcocks is cooler in what i think than the hype that's been going out in todays music:)Though im more of an Echo,Wild Swans,Liverpool thing i still loved em...

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Hilary likes Echo and the Bunnymen a lot!

Jun Eric:Those two paisley bands are known here,specially Three O'Clock cause back in the day,their single "On Paper" became a hit & i love their "Jet Fighter","Arrived Without Travelling" days & i also liked Dave & Co.,I loved "What She's Done To Your Mind",a classic!How about Green On Red or Dumptruck,are they in?:)

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:I never really got into those or knew a lot of their music, though I know we played some Green on Red on our radio show way back when and we had friends who knew the people in Dumptruck.

Jun Eric:I just finished reading the whole story/article of the band & i was astonished of how the story goes...you have worked with Dean Wareham on a radio show?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Well . . . I have to tell you that we didn't exactly work with him. It was more like Dean had the radio show on Sunday nights and Hilary had it on Monday nights, or something. (:v>

Jun Eric:Can i still ask if your wife Hilary still sing/co-operate on your solo outing?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Hilary decided in 1992 that she didn't want to sing anymore.But since then she's done a lot to support the music -Website help, Accounting . . . And most importantly, Enthusiasm!

Jun Eric: I just found out that it was her brother who is a member of Nada Surf,Thanks & You guys have been friends with so many people & how can u define music now & then?Do you miss the days of 4-track?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:I'll answer the last question first,I don't miss the 4-track because though it was at the time a precious key to being able to record multi-track music affordably at home, it was very unreliable and frustrating. I'm currently using a digital home-recording machine - which causes fewer problems and has fewer limitations, though it's not perfect - but my favorite way to record is in a professional studio with an expert engineer solving all my technical troubles. (:v> I really don't have a taste or a gift for engineering, and I'd rather be free to focus on the artistic/performance considerations and not get bogged down in technical messes.As for defining music now and then . . . I think now I have more perspective on where I fit in. In our home-cassette days, I was trying to make 60's-ish music or trying to make punk-pop music and not realizing that I was really part of a newer genre (lo-fi tweepop?) that was heavily influenced by but somewhat distinct from both those things. I more or less knew what I was doing artistically, song to song, but I didn't know that I was part of a trend. I loved the Television Personalities but, believe it or not, it never occurred to me at that time that my music was like theirs! I was too busy thinking about the Zombies and the Byrds to hear how what I was doing was unintentionally following in the footsteps of the TVP's. But by the mid '90s, once I was exposed to a lot of the bands that were liked by the same people who liked us, I had more of a sense of being part of a "scene".

Jun Eric:Wow,I mean you are practically one of those bands that achieve a cult following in recent years that maintain that profile yet still playing/making songs that most in the "scene" are not aware of,I really see in you guys the true essence of a musician rather than a pop star,I admit that sometimes i feel also that i belong to a certain community which never appreciate the efforts u contibute to others.Btw,Did u ever released a single in your new solo stuff Jonathan?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:A 7-inch almost came out a couple of years ago, but it never happened. So it's just been the downloads/CD-R's.

Jun Eric:How are u these days?Do you record new songs & any projects?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Things are groovy at the Caws-Elwitt's house.I'm not doing any music at the moment,though I've been making some notes regarding song ideas.I'm guessing I might get back into it later this year (fall/winter?).Meanwhile, aside from being busy at my dayjob (at a textbook store), I've been doing some humor writing, and I'm also currently acting in a play (which I do from time to time with local community-theater groups).

Jun Eric:Btw,Today is Sunday & where do you usually stay or what do you do in a weekend,Any routines?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Well,Sometimes Hilary and I go out of town to visit family and friends on weekends, and occasionally one or the other of us have to work on a Saturday or Sunday; sometimes we'll meet friends in town for dinner or go to see a play, or sometimes we're in a play ourselves . . . but a "normal" weekend just involves us staying at home together and working on our various personal projects -in my case that could be writing, recording music, working on my web pages, or doing publicity for the theater group I publicize. We also love to just relax together -read, watch old comedies, play a board game once in a while, sometimes dance to house music in our kitchen. (:v> We really like being at home -we've set up and decorated the house just the way we like it, we love to plan and cook interesting vegetarian meals, have a pale ale or a glass of some complex red wine in the evening, etc.We don't spend as much time on the phone with our friends as we did before the email age, but we still do some of that; we have two phones hooked up so we can both be on the phone at the same time.

Jun Eric:Your band (The Pillows) are one of the bands i inquired with & i found out as one of the twee/poppy sounding,In this case do you listen to a lot of Indiepop acts/records in the past?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:When I was in my teens and my twenties, I listened to tons of sixties pop/rock and a bunch of new music/punk-pop/postpunk etc. By the late 80's, though, I had stopped keeping up with new music, for the most part. So though I was recording new pop myself, my listening was largely limited to the same old sixties stuff I loved, plus more old sixties stuff I was discovering. And by the early 90's, I had begun listening mostly to modern jazz (late 40's to early 60's), and hardly even listened to sixties pop that much anymore. Jazz is still what I listen to more than anything else. But once I got wind of the other indiepop groups that were active in the mid-90's, I started listening to contemporary pop again - the bands and labels I was friendly with would send me their stuff, and I would find new favorite songs to enjoy. I don't hear as much indiepop now that I'm no longer as active in the music scene; on the other hand, we have a satellite radio and I've begun to listen to some kinds of music I didn't pay much attention to before -- chillout, bossa-lounge-electronica, house, bass & drums, etc.

Jun Eric:Thanks for all the answers & keep up!

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Thanks & Feel free to send more questions anytime!

More on the band to follow & some interviews also so stay tuned:)

You can hear & visit the band Here with some cool tunes you can download.

Buy their stuff Here

Thanks to Jonathan Caws-Elwitt for all the info bout the band & their respective music.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

"My Perfect Dream"


Hearing a good band from the early 80's & still playing good music at present is quite rare,This was the case of Exit 13.Headed by multi-instrumentalist Steve Mann,Carlton Hunt (drums) & Paul Hunt (guitar/mandolin) & other sessioned musicians,Exit 13 started as Emergency Exit from early gigs in their native town of Ipswich (East Anglia,UK).The band soon moved to London when they attracted some recording companies with their early demos which hints a Syd Barrett influenced sound.

After arriving in London,They met Nick Head who will become their producer & he is the one who suggest that the band should release a "7 so in the summer of '85,"Fields Of Joy" was recorded & released later in the year where it picked up good radio & press reviews.Over the next few years,The band releases 2 more singles in the same psychedelic folk pop/C86 vein,a "7 "Over The Bridge",a "12 "Perfect Dream" (see:"The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3") & an LP titled "Celia's Last Wednesday" (this one is a rare stuff so it was sold out) which received a lot of interest to their following & resulted to a 10 date German tour back in '89.

Singer/songwriter Steve Mann later on head back to Ipswich & has carried on with the band & it's music,Still doing gigs around town occasionally & has released a"7 single "Soldiers & Sailors" in '93.The band also released "The Return Of Captain Friday" (a cool LP,a sound for summer!) in 2002 followed by the newly released "Three" last year which saw Steve play all of the instruments in the LP.Steve also runs Backwater Records which released Exit 13 materials & other local Ipswich bands.You can check/buy Exit 13 releases & other stuff Here

You can view Exit 13 site Here for some info & the latest news on the re-release of "Celia's Last Wednesday" plus older singles on CD.

Thanks to Steve Mann for the info about the band & it's music.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?"


To start of a good day,I want to feature one of my favorite local indie band here in the Philippines,Soft Pillow Kisses.The band which includes the current line-up of Allan Montero (guitar/vox) (see:Candyaudioline/Aspirin/Superminty),Charles Manjares (guitar) (see:Populardays/Superminty),Lara Agulto (bass) (see:Death By Tampon/Fairy Dust),Eloha Laurel (vox) & Gilbert Magat (drums) (see:Superminty).Heavily influenced by a bunch of indiepop bands with a style of their own & crafting their music on perfect pop sensibilities.

Being one of the surviving acts in the indie movement here,The band had already released a wide arrayed of singles on various compilations both here & abroad.They were included in the indie compilation "Mutual Admiration Society" on Definition Records (includes "This Gentle Feeling" & "It Will Never Last (Forever)").Another is "Uno Documento Compilo" on Documento Records (includes a live version of "Harsh Words").In 2003,They were included in the compilation "I'd Spend My Day With You" (includes "Stolen Flowers") along with other indie acts both here & around the globe released by Universal Records Philippines.Also in 2003 that they were included in Dorothy Records compilation "Dashboard Teddy Ver.1.0" (which includes the Rocketship'ish tune, "Candybar") along with local & foreign bands contributing in it.

They were supposed to released an 8 song mini-LP on Shelflife Records (tentatively titled "Waiting For Your Words") but they decided not to push through due to numerous line-up changes.They are included in the Shelflife release,"You're Still Young At Heart" (which saw them take a dreamy cover of The Crooner song "Over The Rainbow"). Here are a couple of the band's lovely songs:

Soft Pillow Kisses - "Harsh Words"
Soft Pillow Kisses - "Stolen Flowers"

If you want a pop-py day,You can listen more on them Here & see what they can do!

You can view an interview done with the band Here & more on the band to follow.

Buy their releases Here

Friday, July 15, 2005

"Between Something & Nothing"


Just back after seeing Orange & Lemons performed in Tower Records in Mandaluyong City (a bit tired but a great set from the band:)).Anyway,Back on track & my feature is another fave band of mine (this time from the USA),The Ocean Blue (whom i think has one of the coolest guitar sound).

The Ocean Blue was formed by the core of teenage friends,David Schelzel (vocals/guitar),Steve Lau (keyboards/saxophone/backing vocals) & Bobby Mitan (bass) in the late 80's in Hershey,Pennsylvania.Their love for New Wave music & College Radio programs are the keys that inspire them to form a band.

They practiced in their own (including basements) armed with their own demos & compositions until one time,Steve sent some demos (cassettes back then) to local management companies until they met Peter Freedman (who became their manager in years).Shortly,Rob Minnig (drums) joined the band as a double package (he is also a recording engineer!).They played in various gigs & colleges as part of their new found success as playing in live for the first time.

After a year,The band landed a deal to shop demos to major labels (they were published by EMI/SBK) until they landed on Sire (they're fave cause some of their influence are on it's roster).The band released it's selt titled LP in late '89 (a lot of good releases this year has produced!) which was produced by John Porter (The Smiths,Roxy Music,The Room,Etc.) & Mark Opitz (INXS,Divinyls) & recorded in London.It contains most of their strong pop tunes & best tracks like "Between Something & Nothing","Drifting, Falling" & "Ask Me Jon".1989 saw them toured alongside label mates,The Mighty Lemon Drops (another fave!).

A couple of years past,They returned with a breezy but moody effort titled "Cerulean" in '91.It spawned them another 3 hit singles,"Mercury","Ballerina Out Of Control" & the title track.A tour of America followed & a support slot for The Psychedelic Furs.They also support My Bloody Valentine & The Go-Go's on separate occasions.

"Beneath The Rhythm & Sound" was recorded in late '92 & released in fall of '93.This record bring them closer to public & mainstream media (did i say MTV?).It includes "Sublime" (which was shot in Iceland & their biggest single to date) (also my fave track).After a year,They released the EP "Peace & Light" which has a very fine live cover of The Smiths classic "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (a rarity to own).Steve left after the release to focus on his label,Kinetic Records (label of Riverside,another great guitar band!) & Oed Ronne (keyboards/sax/vocals)replaced him.

1995 was a bit dull & they signed to new label,Mercury Records (a division of Polygram Records) which release the guitar driven "See" which includes their hit back then "Slide" but Polygram folded out & they found their way out to be independent...again.They returned after a 3 year hiatus with "Davy Jones Locker" in late '99 through the band's mailing list & in 2000 on March Records.They did a some little shows in support of the release.

Now returning for another great set of cool tunes,The band releases their new EP "Waterworks" (with a little help from Allen Clapp of The Orange Peels) & this was just an opener to the band's next full length effort due to be released this year!You can check out their newly launch site Here & you can also buy some of their merchandise there.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Under The April Skies"


Thanks to all those who comments bout the Blog & been busy listening to the new EP "Three Minute Singles" of a band from Norway (i cannot understand the language written on their site but i loved their music!) called The April Skies (accidentally,there is also another band who called themselves The April Skies from Hershey,Pennsylvania,USA) but we will concentrate on the Europe based band.

Consisting of Anders Kaasen who plays the guitar,Lars Jakob Stava on bass,Alexander Unhjem sings & a girl on drums (cool!) named Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl.The band who formed just last year 2004,Already make a name for themselves by making music that is pure guitar pop & just good music.Taking a wide range of influences (as seen on the cover of the EP) from The Monkees,Lou Reed,The Walker Brothers,The Smiths,The Jesus & Mary Chain,The Stone Roses,Etc.

The EP which consists of 4 tracks full of surprises from the start of the opening title track "Three Minute Singles" to the anorak pop of "Rise & Rise Again" (my fave,i played it till midnight!) then turns into a somber "Heaven Knows It's Not Too Bad" & to the northern soul tinged closing of "Not Your Baby" (this one is a demo).These are the songs that inspires them & so they culled it together to be a 3 minute pop songs.I expect to see much more on the cool guitar band & You can hear some of their songs or view the band in their site Here

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon"


Quite busy but still keeping it up & next to my feature is a forgotten but memorable band from London,A band called Jamie Wednesday.The band which was known back then as The Ballpoints & then they changed it to Dead Clergy until they sticked to Jamie Wednesday.

Formed way back in early '85 by James Robert Morrison (lead vox/acoustic guitar),The band is composed of Leslie Carter (backing vox/bass guitar),Lindsay Lowe (Trumpet),Simon Henry (Saxophone) & Dean Leggett (drums/percussion).

The story of the band formation started when James,Simon,Dean & Henry were in a studio rehearsing/recording some songs but there is a prob,They needed a bass player when accidentally James saw Leslie Carter,who was also in the studio playing with another band.James & Leslie known each other before & they even performed together bacvk then so when James ask Leslie to play bass in their band so was Jamie Wednesday was born.

Consistent playing in various clubs landed them a deal & to be signed on the then fledging indie label,Pink Records.They recorded 2 EP's (both released in 7 " & 12 "),"Vote For Love" (my fave choice) (released in 1985) & "We Three Kings Of Orien't Aren't" (released in 1986) respectively.They did contribute also to 2 compilations of the label,"It Sells Or It Smells" & "Beauty".Still,The band never reached that mark that they wanted to as they sold not well to the dismay of the label.

In an interesting side,Jamie Wednesday was the one responsible for the name of another great band,Pop Will Eat Itself.The Poppies (as what their fans call them) claim their name through a write-up by David Quantick about the band in NME.After playing as a band in a couple of years (1985-87),Jamie Wednesday split before a gig in Astoria in London in 1987.James & Leslie Carter still filled in that gig (along with a backing tape!) & so Carter USM was formed.James became Jim Bob & Leslie was Fruitbat.

Dean Leggett went on to play drums for another forgotten band,Bob (which played extensively along with Carter USM).Lindsay & Simon became couple & Fruitbat says up to now (How Soon Is Now?) they still were.They were said to be playing in a jazz band at present time. Carter USM enjoyed a little success in the '90's (Ehmm,who says no to Grebo?).You can check out some of news on the Jim Bob/Carter USM Here

You can hear/download some of the band's sadly missed classic songs Here

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Count With Your Fingers"


How's everyone?As you may see,i didn't post yesterday cause Monday is quite a busy day for me (start of my class day for instance) & i resume posting today,I just got off from school after a hectic class (still,Thanks to some of my mates for doin some of the job).Racking up today is another local band from Cebu named Sheila & The Insects.You may wonder because of the band name,Why?because there is no band member that is named Sheila & secondly,There is no girl/woman in the band & Why Sheila & The Insects?(even i doesn't know).

The band traces it's roots from a band called The End.Ian Zafra (gutiars/harmonica/vox) formed The End back in December of '91 along with some friends,The band started playing some covers of their favorite artists (mostly consists of 80's/New Wave artists/bands) being The Smiths,The Church,The Wild Swans,The Cure,Etc. & at the same time,writing stuff of their own.Through the years,the band encountered some line-up changes & in '95,They eventually settled on Orven Enoveso as their vocalist.With a very little attention & some small clubs to play in,The band still survives & still writes & record new songs.

Still carrying on that independent surge on their back,They earned a weekly spot playing in the now defunct club,Artist Dais.But still fate was not on their side,Just when they were beginning to receive media attention,2 band members left leaving only Zafra & Enoveso.The End became Sheila & The Insects in 1996 with the acquisition of 2 new members,Anthony Aseniero (bass) & Blair Kabahar (drums/percussion).Aseniero was eventually replaced by Benjie Fernandez (bass/backing vox) when the band migrated to Manila in '99 & also that year,They released independently their debut "Tangible Rhymes" to a not wider audience but still manages to sold it out in time when Record labels show no support to the band.

The band got their much needed recognition when they released their 2nd LP "Plastic Eyes, Static Minds" in N/A label in 2000,It brought in 2 singles that gave them their biggest break,the ringing guitars of "Everyday Drive" (my fave) reminds me of The Railway Children & "Your Comedy" both reaching the radio charts & bringing home Best New Artists as well in the yearly NU 107 music awards.

After a fruitful stint in Manila they returned to their hometown of Cebu,Still being active in the local music scene.The band went on to release their 3rd effort titled "Manipulator" (this was sold out but thanks it was re-issued this year) to an audience hungry in their music (Including me!) back in 2002,It spawned the single "Idle Hands",Gaining their status as one of the country's premier Indie acts to watch for but after the release of the album,The band split up due to musical differences.

Ian & Orven then reformed the band & recruited a new set of members,Boobob (bass) (ex-Glitch) & Jerros Dolino (drums) (ex-Urbandub) & now charged up to release their 4th material planned to be released this month,A new batch of songs that will bring us back again in those times where we dance til' the dewdrops fall,a cross of 80's pop & 90's alternative ambiance.Let's hear again Sheila & The Insects rock & pop the house down!

You can hear some of their stuff/songs Here
Buy their releases Here

Sunday, July 10, 2005

"If Only Words"


Back again & i do hope everything is fine & been very busy listening to some new/old records that my friend Danny gave me this past weekend & been studying at the same time is...Uhmm,hard.Im currently listening to one of my favorite (among a list of many other artist's/bands) band from Sheffield,One Thousand Violins.

Composed of Colin Gregory (guitar),Dave Walmsley (guitar/keyboard),Darren Swindells (bass),Peter Day (drums) & John Wood (vocals).The band formed back in '85 & executed their brand of 60's influenced pop all over Europe (specially in Germany,where they are well known).At the same year,They released their debut single "Halcyon Days" on Dreamworld label & later,"Like One Thousand Violins" to a wider audience,Including legendary DJ John Peel (having it included in his yearly Festive-Fifty outing).

1986 saw the band released a mini-LP titled "Please Don't Sandblast My House!" on Constrictor Records (This has a CD which also include their other mini-LP "Locked Out Of The Love-In",Combined in a CD & was also released by Constrictor Records in '87) (If you find one,Go grab it!I think Germany has most of it,Constrictor was based in Germany) & After a year,Peter Day was replaced by Ian Addey on drums.

1988 was a promising year for the band (which was starting to build a cult following) but John Wood departed (later to front The Chrysalids) & was replaced by a young Vince Keenan,Having previously played in some local bands & just in time after splitting with his former band,
The Hays Office.The year also saw the band released a proper LP,"Hey Man That's Beautiful" (anyone care to re-issue?) on Immaculate Records,which includes some of their best song's to date,includes "If Only Words","If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart)" & "Start Digging My Grave Sugar" (see: "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3") & was named best album of Sheffield Star Tabloid in 1988.

It was also in '88 that they toured & headline a successful 2 week German tour,having supported by These Immortal Souls & Pop Will Eat Itself on the tour.January 1989 saw the Violins do one of the first ever UK BBC Live Radio Sessions & the sessions was for BBC North & 6 songs were broadcast from Hull (These were taped & has now been mastered to CD).Although having success in their hometown & Germany,(apart excellent reviews of being a good band not only in studio but also being in live) One Thousand Violins split in May 1989 ,Colin Gregory formed The Dylans (aside from guesting/playing in James Dean Driving Experience),Vince Keenan was asked to formed a band with Dave (sadly,he died of Cancer in '92) & There was a suggestion from Colin to Vince & Ian to try The Dylans but Vince formed
The Splendid Fellows ( see:"The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2") & later on SPIGGOT.Darren Swindells has moved to London & little is known.Ian Addey still plays drums in a band called Orange Fall. Where are the 2 ex-members you asked?Well,Peter Day has moved to kent & became a Photographer while John Wood fronted The Chrysalids & now plays with Yves Altana in a project called Recognized.In 2001,Vinyl Japan issued a career spanning collection + some B-sides titled "Like One Thousand Violins". For more news/info bout the band,You can pay a visit to their site Here

Buy One Thousand Violins CD Here
Buy The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 3 CD Here

Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Dreams Never End"


Just back after a backbreaking walk from our house to a mall nearby,Passing along brick laden roads brought back memories...Along with the sudden pour of the rain,I quickly go back home & listened to another blossoming band named Daydream Cycle.

Daydream Cycle is a unique fusion of samples, drum loops, raw ambient guitars, a bassline with a life of its own, And an ethereal voice that sends your soul into mystic abstraction. The band is formed way back in 2000 & composed of Japs Sergio (Guitars),Bogs Jugo (Electro Gear/Beat Programmer/Drums) & Kathy Meneses (Vocals).They were joined on their live set/outings by 2 former members of local band,Teeth,Jerome Velasco (also on Guitars) & Andrew Sergio (Yup,He is Japs bro) (Bass) who will soon become permanent members of the band.

The band have already released their self-titled debut (released on their own Metronome Musik label) album which includes their hit "My Luscious Star",a track that put them on the radio map & gave them a cult following (Including Me!).A blend of electronica mixed with psychedelic beats & a shoegaze'y feel,A trippy,indiepoppy voice add a different aura to the band.They plays regularly on "Buzznite",a monthly production gig headed by Allan Montero (of Soft Pillow Kisses/Candyaudioline/Aspirin fame) alongside many local indie bands.It was at this time that a friend of the band,Dale Marquez (of Sonnet LVIII/Apple Orchard) sent some demo's to US label,Shelflife Records & the label heard their cool sound so much that they are signed by Shelflife Records.

The band which are now riding success not only here but constantly abroad,At the same time their debut self-titled LP was released & having it well received by many music fans & critics which includes Laura Watling ( ex-The Autocollants) ,She wrote from an e-mail:"...Speaking of good shoegaze bands,Anyone who loves that late-80's/early-90's shoegaze sound should check out the band Daydream Cycle from the Philippines..."

The band recorded a very trippy version of The Shermans song "Lousy Judge Of Character" which was included in "You're Still Young At Heart" compilation on Shelflife Records & after a short hiatus have now released their sophomore effort titled "Underwater Kite" (also released independently on their Metronome Musik label).It includes "Roses & Cadillacs" (My fave!) & "Lousy Judge Of Character" (which was previously only available on the Shelflife Records compilation).
Now let's go & hear them again & if you want to hear some Daydream song's,Click Here

You can buy the "Underwater Kite" CD Here

Friday, July 08, 2005



I remember when i was still a kid,circa '88 or '89 i think,My mom used to take me out early morning to have me beamed by the sun (Thanks a lot i've got no sunburns?) & now after 13 years i missed that thing & i missed being a kid in a long time just like last night,Im a bit dull & moody but still i plug the stereo on & play that CDr my friend gave to me,It was from a band from Dublin,Ireland named Hey Paulette!

I got interested quickly cause the name is quite lovely in a sense that it was also quirky,
Hey Paulette! was Eamonn Davis (vocals/guitar),Derrick Dalton (guitar/sometimes he sings) & Colm Fitzpatrick (bass).You ask where is the drummer though it was their main problem & still they got a "Temporary" permanent drummer in Darren Nolan.

Being lumped in the C86 scene without either them knowing it,The band recorded their debut 7"
"Commonplace" on the Mickey Rourke's Fridge label.This single was sent by the band to legendary DJ John Peel on Radio 1 back in '88 with a handwritten note.After,they recorded an EP titled "Mickey Rourkes Fridge Presents".After releasing the EP they do a Peel Session on BBC & did a tour in London.

They recorded another EP,a 12" titled "I Really Do Love Penelope"(This song was later included in the compilation "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.1" released by
Firestation Records/Tweenet Communications).This was produced by Stan Erraught of Stars Of Heaven (remember them?).Stan later helped & joined the band & played on the final recordings of their last 2 songs "Inconsequential"(Also released on a compilation titled
"Seven Summers International Pop Vol.2" by Tweenet Communications/Kindercore Records) & "Pebbledash".

They've split in '91 due to musical differences.Eamonn,Colm & Stan went on to form The Sewing Room.Derrick went on to play in several bands(Including a Blondie tribute band!) before he rejoined Eamonn to form Crumb .They are now currently playing with Eileen Gogan (ex-The Would Be's) in a band called Melba.

You can visit Hey Paulette! for some MP3's/News & Updates Here

Buy the "I Really do Love Penelope" 12" Here

Thanks to Derrick Dalton for the info about the band.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

"A Beginning Of Something Wonderful"


Been busy uploading the blog but still up & Im listening to a local band called Orange & Lemons,taking their cue with 60's meets 80's tinged pop,the band which was composed of McCoy Fundales on vocals/acoustic guitar,Clem Castro also on vocals/lead guitar,brothers Ace & JM Del Mundo on drums & bass respectively...

Originally hailing from Bulacan but sounding like they were from Liverpool,Heavily influenced by The Beatles,The Smiths,The Wild Swans,Etc.The band which was still starting to have a cult following back then,Stormed every gig given to them & It was there on one gig that they caught the attention of Toti Dalmacion,a music honcho & enthusiast & quickly given a chance to be signed on his now fledging label,Terno Recordings.Terno released their wonderful debut LP "Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream" in the end of 2003,It was then included in many of the Year's Best Albums & after a year,They achieved the NU 107's "Best New Artists" for 2004.

Now back after a much au-go-go,The band have a new release under new label,Universal Records Philippines titled "Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot",Still jangling the scene & it includes some of their finest songs like "Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)","Cycle Of Love" & many more,They have a hint of The Chesterfields,The Smiths,The Beatles,Etc.If you want,You can check out the bands songs Here to hear them & for news/updates.

Buy Orange & Lemons CD Here

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Wide Awake"


It's been a cold & busy week here,Because it's raining.Im just listening (along with the cold winds) from a band called Apple Orchard.Apple Orchard is composed of Ryan Marquez (see also:Sodajerk/The Haircuts/Carnival Park) & Dale Marquez (see:Sonnet LVIII),both residing now in California & yup they are brooding brothers not only in blood but also in honest & pure pop musik.Listening to them reminds me of Sarah Records bands in it's peak,a hint of SweetWilliam,Trembling Blue Stars,Bouquet,anything that sounds soft & sparkling but simple & catchy music that came from heart.

It started as a solo offset project by Ryan from his previous work with his other band,Sodajerk.Just writing songs & spending a summer back in '99 & hearing first the lovelorn sweet melodies of "Apple Orchard" by Bouquet & wow,how sweet that it blossomed to a cool band and when rehearsing from a studio session,Dale sessioned in bass & the outcome is as complexed as before.Up to date,they are now playing as a duo & released a handful of singles through various labels & compilations both here & overseas.

I love the band & i like their shimmering cover of The Groovy Little Numbers classic,"You Make My Head Explode".Personal faves include "Wadaiko" & "Wide Awake",These are the songs we always never hear (or will never hear) in a regular day or a crappy radio station/s (Go nuts,you Wankers!!!) but will surely have a place in our hearts.

You can pay them a visit Here or i have link them to my link section.They have some songs/mp3's awaiting to be heard!

Also check out some of his bands/side-projects:

Sodajerk Website
Carnival Park Website
The Haircuts Website

You can buy some of the bands releases Here