Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Filipino Blood,English Heart"


Im in a bit of hurry but still manage to shove my ears some beautiful and lovely homegrown music this early morning.Reading through the liner notes of a compilation release 4 years ago was quite a nostalgia...Refreshing to the minds along with the subtle music it plays in the stereo with those sadly missed bands which carry the relenting prowess of uniqueness through the years..."Where are they now?" i gently asked to myself after finishing reading the papercut like stories on the inlay of "Mutual Admiration Society" CD.

With dreams focused on the future and the Philippines on the binged of economic problem,political stability and some massive bandwagonesque...I missed those days,i missed the old faces and the music that binds each other on one happy family and one healthy music scene amidst from mass consumption and commercialism.

It harkens back in the early 90's when the whole Metro was swinging to the music of the mainstream and bands go jumping along but some will turn their back against the flow..."The Awakenings" revealed a whole new drama on the solely independent scene & on it sprout the seedlings of "No Zone" held on the much missed Club Dredd.It featured a much less attention bands but with more heart and taste!Dishing out with the likes of Sonnet LVIII,Aspirin,Melody Wrench,Shoemart,Archaster,Blinded By Love,The Aga Muchlach Experience,Mono Workshop,Pillowuzzi,Go Figure?,Fingernail Cocktail,Theresa's Hi-Fi,Sodajerk,Wadaiko and many more that i myself still want to see & hear...

CHANGE is the only thing that i must say is...standard which is also the same case on the scene & the bands i loved,Some drifted away and other's survive the collapsed of the scene...But before the dawn of the new millenium,A new breed was set to be uncaged from the demised of the old...This came "Buzznight" which serve as a continuation featuring bands like Candyaudioline from the brainchild of Allan Montero which in a few years will also give birth to the tweepop combo Soft Pillow Kisses,Apple Orchard,Colour Contest,Dorian Of Juniper Bells,Skies Of Ember,Spring Boutique,Populardays,Superminty,The Fantasy Lights,The Lubitels,Carnival Park and still many more...

Days and nights go by and the scene seems to be futile as some bands go on to produced and released their own recordings and other's played on the new productions.I for an instance loved to see how much effort these bands have shown and whenever these bands have a gig i always try to attend as i know how scarce i may have seen them play live!Some may just last only for a gig but other's stay for years...New productions emerged but still carrying the same aura & intentions...To make good music & shared it with others.We may not see the impact of these bands or the fame they deserved but the other part's of the globe are listening...Just listen OK?

I have listed a list of homegrown bands (others i have heard & own records but some i still do not heard or even see!If ever anyone know's how to contact them feel free to e-mail me) which to myself deserves to be heard not only by me but US...

Artist - Their music & my description on them:

Apple Orchard - (if you like Bouquet and Sarah Records this is your pick)
Archaster - (if you're down & the world seems so far away...Serge Gainsbourg is the man!)
Aspirin - (if you like The Charlatans & The Stone Roses with a dash of shoegaze)
Balloon Derby - (feeling like you were on a carousel filled with happy tunes,60's is back!)
Blinded By Love - (dreamy but sometimes eerie,psychedelic)
The Bloomfields - (throw on your dancing shoes to the tunes of surf & the 60's!)
Candyaudioline - (if you like MBV,shoegaze and a not so twee band but more of buzz guitars)
Carnival Park - (if you like a sunny day ride with a toy keyboard roaring...listen to them)
The Choking Brownies - (pro shoegaze)
Colour Contest - (C-86 proto types with indiepop tunes)
Daydream Cycle - (dreampop on tubes?synth but distorted mix with femme voice)
Days Like Postcards - (very heartwarming)
Dorian Of Juniper Bells - (slowly but surely you'll loved,Young Marble Giants & Dislocation Dance was a major influence)
Erratics - (a great sadly missed band,OPM should be played this way!)
The Fantasy Lights - (a drumbeats full of goodies,one man band set up sounding like a full band)
Fingernail Cocktail - (shoegaze with an indian spell)
The Happy Showers - (reminds me of Shoestings,sweet & charming!)
The Haircuts - (a tweepop duo,Pipas is a soundalike)
The It Boy - (one man band toying with his keyboards)
Kid Auto Races @ Venice - (jangly guitar pop!!!)
Kings & Pawns - (very promising & do i hear the best on them?indierock in your face!)
The Lubitels - (a mix of New Order jamming with The Field Mice)
Love Sattelites - (dreamy 80's influenced band,can i hear more of their JAMC tunes cracking up my head?)
Melody Wrench - (etherial sounding like Slowdive)
Mono Workshop - (keyboards beat as one!)
My Science Project - (catchy up tempo indiepop band from the ashes of Judith)
The Pin-Up Girls - (a jangly guitar driven pop band,a bit indiepop on some tunes)
Populardays - (shoegaze but a bit dreamy & jangly,Popsicle & Adorable is the hint)
She Came To Stay - (one man band with an ambient background)
Sheila & The Insects - (80's influenced quartet based in Cebu)
Shoemart - (Slowdive is their main influence & ask for more?)
Skies Of Ember - (etherial and dreamy like sonic dreams lushing in your deep minds)
Sleepyheads - (garage is the name & Jonathan Richman is part of the menu)
Sodajerk - (a guitar oriented band recalling Teenage Fanclub & other fine Scottish acts)
Soft Pillow Kisses - (twee...lovely,nuff said...)
Sonnet LVIII - (shoegaze,feeling like it was early 90's again?)
Soul Connection - (mod on a 60's feel,motown & northern soul)
So What? - (how about slowcore?cool mix of harmonica too!)
Spring Boutique - (a jangly pop group,twee mix with ringing guitars)
Sugar Hiccup - (dreampop,Cocteau Twins is vivid choice!)
Superminty - (indierock was the first idea but lately going on the shoegaze coup)
TV Guide - (indierock with DIY feel)
Under Shooting Stars - (electronic synthpop with a boy & girl voice)
Up Periscope - (it's krautrock but hey they are great)
Virginia Aeroplane - (sugary pop which is sadly i missed!)
Wadaiko - (tweepop with Rocketship influence)

I have missed so many bands so in case you know any which you think is included in the list feel free to inform me & im looking forward in hearing them:)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Buzz Buzz Buzz"


Just got back home after a tiring & rainy day...Holidays are just around the corner and i still doesn't have a quick choice what gift will i buy to my loved ones,Whew!People are in a rush these days shopping & Im wonderin' why?...Last saturday i was able to watch Buzznight in Mayrics where a set of great bands were playing that night.Populardays take the first move and played their brand of dreamy but creamy kind of pop,a bit shoegazey on some tracks & i really loved that "Pop Days" song with it's Popsicle'ish guitar lines & They closed their set with a tune that sound like it was an Adorable track!Sadly,they didn't play "December Song" that night.

Next band which also crack some eardrum buzz that night was The Cactus Garden which did some lo-fi tunes mixed with distorted guitar feedbacks reminiscent of Beat Happening.They even take a turn on Coastal's "Her Reflection In Chrome".After their set,Kings And Pawns followed with their Strokes meets Arcade Fire style of playing.Starting it off with "Destroy The Heart" which was a crowd favorite and this band is great!!!They also did "Shadowplay" by Joy Division in replace of the original setlist of "24 Hours" as the drummer forgot the beats on it...

My Science Project followed and also played a great set that night with their ba-da-ba's & pa-pa-ra-rah kind of indiepop,Toying around their keyboard with their jangly guitars brought to mind comparison to early Acid House Kings,Starlet,Afraid Of Stairs and many swedish jangly bands.I leave when Candyaudioline was setting up as my companion wanted to go home that night & i wasn't able to catch them perform & my fave Soft Pillow Kisses...There must be next time...

Just glance to this loveable band early in the morning which match the rainy weather with it's bubblegum voice mix with jingle it keyboards and jangle that guitars,Shumai is a great pop group from Boston which was fronted by Don Shumai (guitars/vocals).Feeling like it was early 90's again with it's sound recalling bands like Velocity Girl,Heavenly,Tiger Trap.Check out their lovely debut LP,"Tastes Like Summer" on Total Gaylord Records specially "Tijuana Picnic" which was a personal fave! and hear those sugary tunes filled with charming keyboards that really brings the sound of summer and those sunny days again in our lives!

Here are a couple of their sunny tunes to make you smile:

Shumai - "The Lonely Passion Of Joey Heatherton"
Shumai - "Prescription Sleep"

More on Here

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

"A Forest"


It's been the time of the year when we celebrate the love's and longings...Why is it always December?It's been a windy afternoon & i just wake up to the buzz of cold winds and some afternoon lullabye's...Where's my meryenda?Well it's gonna be a busy month as i have been packing up some packages to be sent off to the other side's of the world & I just listen to these charismatic & artistic band from Bristol,UK called Forest Giants.

Formed by Bristol music scene veterans Tim Rippington (vocals/guitars/other instruments) (see:The Five Year Plan/The Flatmates/Beatnik Filmstars),Paula Knight (violin/other instruments)(see:Girlboy Girl) & Tom Adams (drums) (see:Beatnik Filmstars).The band which quickly loved by much missed DJ John Peel has been playing for some years & gained a cult following with their signature noisepop meets DIY aesthetics which reminds me of Pavement,Flying Saucer Attack with a touch of The Delgados & "Beezer" era of the Beatniks (who have just released a new LP after a 7 year hiatus!check it out on the Track & Field Organization).

Still relenting those crack noises above our heads,The band has released their lovingly crafted debut "In Sequence" in 2004 on Invisble Hands Music surprising a lot of music critics around the underground UK scene & includes one of my fave song "Postcards" with it's rhythmic guitar lines match with Tim's muscular vocal styling.It brings back the essence of good ol' indie rock back where it was meant to be...

A year after they bring back their volume to another level as they released their new EP,"UFO Stories" which i really really loved!!!With it's haunting and spacey tunes mix with ambient and distorted noise,Tim & co. are bringing back the Bristol sound with such song's like "Beards" which is my all time fave song of theirs.This EP deserved a much more listen & can be on the same line as those records of Mogwai,Flying Saucer Attack,early Pixies...

The band just released a DVD featuring clips,rare videos & live footage of their outings & they are set also to release a new record in the coming year,Watch out for it!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"November Spawned A Monster"


Hmmmnnn...I've been with the clouds as i am writing these as i just watched a gig last nite in ZEN in the middle of the Makati skyline along with some friends & a bunch of gig hungry fanatics!!!When we came,There is already a band playing which to my nerves,I don't care much (sorry...) so let's go to the actual gig which opened by a very cute & tasty quartet known as The Dorques.They remind me of Stereo Total,Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a mix of Talulah Gosh in their raw & bugging sound at the same time they are also fronted by a very cool girl!!! (i really love that finale song with it's rambling drumbeat which reminds me very much of Talulah Gosh's "Testcard Girl"!) & they opened the night with a staggering french song then followed it up with a groovy version of The Jesus & Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey" which took the surprise in myself as i was carried away singing the song...Great vibe and i want more & more on them...

A beer drinking contest followed which at the height of excitement included me! (nope,im not a hardcore drinker...) which got me tumbling down but a big thanks to my friend,Noel who replaced me in the competition & he placed 2nd on the said outing.The Smiths'esque/Morrissey driven tribute band,Dead Pop Stars soon followed and brought the house down with their Smiths's & Morrissey tunes as Pogz (vocals) stand up to much of the crowd's enthusiasm for them to play more even if he has trouble in his voice as he was suffering from sore throat last night.This band was at the peak of their career's (even spending a write-up on Spin magazine!) & i was a fan even before i see the band as i hear all the buzz recounting them as The Smiths/Morrissey of the Philippines & yeah!I was right when i finally see them on a dozen gigs on their full form,Can i ask for more?!!!

Another contest followed & it was the turn of synthpop duo,Watari's Machine.Made up of Nono (see:Names Are For Tombstones/Isolation Ward) and Boy.They play synthpop tunes reminiscent of early 80's & they cover that night a wide arrayed of 80's hit's like New Order's "Don't Do It",The Blue Nile's "Stay",Depeche Mode's "But Not Tonight",Etc.Armed with their bristling keyboards & high tech computers match with electronic drum kits,I expect to hear and see more from these dynamic duo...Actually i never finished their set as i was also about to go to Malate to see my other friends & im hoping to go to anoher happy & soaring gig's like these...In the weekend maybe?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Already Yesterday"


It's been a very warm day today...Catching up some sleep after a streak of sleepless nights & it's been a stressful week (excluding visits to the girl next door!!!) as i am still finishing some thesis as well as interview's via mail but still i find time to listen to these great fine music & bands...First up is the charming teamed up with bubbling synthpop tunes of Kanda.Armed with casio beat keyboards similar with the looks of toys,Arland(voice/guitar/synth/pianica/programming/toy xylophone/glockenspiel) & Akina (voice/guitar/synth/programming/violin/pianica/toy xylophone/glockenspiel) made dance music adorable again!Mixing it with chirpy robotic vocals (made by Arland) or a Tweepop inspired number (made by Akina) melted with blistering synth tunes reminiscent of Figurine,Ladytron,Pizzicato Five,Freezepop & other electronic pop blend bands.

They have released their debut LP,"It's A Good Name For You" on the 555 label (which have my fave "Turtle" with their lovely duet) & followed later by "All The Good Meetings Are Taken" early this year on Bop Tart Records.They even appeared on the Soft Cell tribute album called "Soft Love:A Tribute To Soft Cell" also released by 555 label which includes other synthpop acts like Figurine,New Waver,Kyoko,Huon,Other People's Children,Etc.

Here is bouncing synthpop track from them:

Kanda - "Arctic"

They also have a MySpace page wherein you can hear more from them

Buy their releases Here

Also im been very busy surfin the net as i read a wonderful sidenote made by Martijn of Think Small for noticing the underrated pop scene here in our country (Thanks mate!) & I just noticed that a website has finally surfaced for these long forgotten but great short lived band,The Nivens (not the Norwich based band with the same chronological name!!!).

The band's origin begins in 1987 at the Institute at Ashington, England.They were 4th on the bill to some local punks and a heavy metal band.Fast forward to January 1989.Number 10 in the indie charts with their first release.Yesterday”/”I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend” on Woosh Records.In the middle they played all over the north-east and occasionally ventured down south.The band supported such stars as The La's,My Bloody Valentine,Cud,Primal Scream,Brilliant Corners,Family Cat and Any indie band who bothered to visit the north.By 1990 they called it a day having been on the verge of lawsuit with another band with the same name.Their second release “The Dialect Drug” EP was withdrawn due to the case they were involved...

After a sparring years of obscurity,Firestation Records released the compilation "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 4" in 2004 which includes the single "Yesterday" & draw new interest in the band & new audience as well...They are set to release a compilation of demo's,singles & other hidden tracks in the coming year to be released also by Firestation Records which is absolutely well worth looking forward to...

Feel free to visit Them for news & info

They have a Tee for sale & You can buy it direct Here

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Cut Your Hair"


Im back from my long & weary hiatus from a vacation trip from Iloilo & How's everyone?My inbox is in full throttle & sorry if i miss a reply to anyone but i will & many great moments have passed by as before i leave i have watched a series of live production acts (I really loved that take by The Flying Adaptors on "Abandon Ship",LOVELY!) & Kings And Pawns (which is having a great time as they really melt my ears to their wonderful tunes...).Now,back in my crib laying down some stuff & Im quite abusive listening to these pop duo,The Haircuts.

Formed by their loved of P!O!P! music & incidentally...tape hiss!!!Ryan Marquez (see:Apple Orchard/Sodajerk/Carnival Park) and Teresa Daniele (see:Sarah,Plain & Tall/Paint Your Wagon Red) met on the web & instantly opened up on the idea of long distance collaboration (using 4 track cassette recorder) with each other resulting to the beautifully crafted songs which reminds me of Pipas & other twee oriented artists.

They have releases on the Best Kept Secret label entitled "Up Up And Away With Haircuts" which includes my fave Haircut track,"It's Summer When I'm With You" & currently on the fledging Swedish label,Yellow Mica Recordings which released their "It's Always Better When We're Together" CDrEP.They are also included in the compy "Our Heart's Beat Out Of Tune" also released by Yellow Mica Recordings.Looking forward on more poppin' and boppin' tunes from these duo & Here's a couple of their perfect bedroom ridden pop song's:

The Haircuts - "It's Summer When I'm With You"
The Haircuts - "Summer"

Check them out Here for news/mp3's

Buy their releases Here

While checking out my box,A band from Sweden emailed me & whew!Hastily,I was blown with their hazy & drowning sound which brought back memories of the past decade.Im talking about Samuraj Cities.Taking a hint of shoegaze with lush textures of guitars mix with electronic drumbeats,The band is taking their time & you can download their free songs Here including my fave "All Along The Shoreline".

I do not have any info on them but more on them to follow & as of now,Here's a couple of their dreamythronica stuff:

Samuraj Cities - "All Along The Shoreline"
Samuraj Cities - "The Empty Stage"

Now im in full load & gonna back on track & Im gonna feature a couple of interviews in the coming days & Hopefully an upcoming compilation CD in the coming year & I'll give an info on that & as for now...Keep on listening & cheers for the year's!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

"Just For A Day"


A bit weary after spending a night in full-throttle.I just went to a gig last night in Makati with some friends and spend the night a bit drunk and haze...Ehmm...I talked with my friend,Sherwin (who surprised me as he also know my other friend whom i was with!) about the bit's & bob's,music,collections,lokal music scene,etc.After taking 2 bottles of San Mig Light,He waved goodbye and went home and i go along with my other friend's to continue watching the gig.After that i google all the way as i arrived home 6:30 in the morning...!!!I was ok now & im a bit lazy as my head is a bit empty! but still i was able to finish some term papers & now listening to this loveable band which own's a big space in my heart & ears (i loved them so much) after year's of missing them as one of the frontrunners of the shoegazing scene,Slowdive.

The band formed in late 1989 in Reading and consist of Neil Halstead (vocals/guitar),Nick Chaplin (bass),Adrian Sell (drums),Christian Savill (guitar) (see:Eternal) & the charming Rachel Goswell (vocals/guitar).Before initially recording their output,Adrian Sell left the band to pursue his studies,They found a subbed drummer in the form of Neil Carter who plays with them for about a year before Simon Scott (of the great but forgotten band,The Charlottes).They were signed on the influential Creation label who released their material.

Debut LP "Just For A Day" was released in 1991 ("Celia's Dream" was my fave!) on the wake of the scene who was sweeping UK back then.It features the band at it's peak of their luscious dreams echoing in their music as they were dubbed by the hard to please purists & music critics as "The Scene That Celebrates Itself" alongside a bunch of bands who has a nod to their shoelaces.After 2 years saw the emergence of their strong follow up "Souvlaki" in 1993 (initail copies saw a special double release including "Blue Day"(a compilation of their early EP's) as a 2nd disc).It includes some of their gems such as "Alison","40 Days" (i miss this one!!!),"When The Sun Hits",Etc.This LP was delayed stateside as problems with US label SBK surfaced but interestingly when it was already released in 1994,It included almost half of the "Blue Day" compilation as bonus tracks.

After some problems on touring & promoting the LP,Simon Scott had parted ways with the band and Ian McCutcheon replaced him on the kit but the press are already tired on the shoegazing scene at that time as the Nirvana led grunge year's have overtaken the planet (even Alan McGee thought that MBV would changed his life but it was the other way around when he was interviewed in a glaring music mag...).Problems seems to continue on the opening of the year of 1995 as their 3rd LP,"Pygmalion" has been ignored & described by many as an ambient of sorts with it's dark leanings cause basically it was done solo by Neil Halstead although a hint of contributions from bandmates Rachel and Ian can be traced on some songs.They were dropped from the Creation roster in similar with their US label.

Unhappy with the results,Nick Chaplin & Christian Savill left the group while recording & the band dissolve slowly resurfacing later on with a new project called Mojave 3 which consists of Neil,Rachel and Ian and released a string of LP's on 4AD with Neil & Rachel also putting out solo outings also on 4AD with the recent release of Rachel's debut "Waves Are Universal".Simon Scott went on to play with other bands such as Inner Sleeve,Lowgold and is currently on Televise. A retrospective double CD was issued including rare B-sides & Peel sessions titled "Catch The Breeze" last year.

Here are a some echoing in silence tunes from the band:

Slowdive - "Slowdive"
Slowdive - "She Calls"
Slowdive - "Albatross"
Slowdive - "Beach Song"
Slowdive - "Catch The Breeze" (live in Oslo)

More on Here

Download their live in Oslo Here

Visit their fansite Here for new's/updates/full discography

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Revolutionary Spirit"


I've been listening to this band eversince the week started,Harry Hunks.Formed in the late 90's in Finland & composed of Matti Eräsaari (vocals/guitar),Olli Moilanen (percussion/backing vocals),Antti Ahokas (keyboards) & Jaakko Laine (bass) who quit the band in 1999.Later on they are joined by Pekka Kastari & Petri Nakari (guitars) (who is also in a band called Red Carpet).

They play happy songs that can make you smile even at the low times of your life and guitar pop reminiscent of The Trash Can Sinatras.They have already released some of the cruncy tunes you'll ever hear such as "With Summer Wine" which is included in the compilation "Meet The Scene:An Introduction To Finnish Underground Guitar Pop" released by Rhythm Barrel Records in 2001.They have already released a string of "7 Singles,"Romancing (Out Of Season)" in 2001 on Marsu on paras then "20 Miles An Hour" also on Marsu on paras co-released by Rhythm Barrel Records in 2003.

After a year of touring & spending some time recording new songs,Harry Hunks returned with their brand new CDEP "Revolutions From Pink To Pale" which was released last year,It saw them at their peak with songs of melancholy and cheeriness echoing in "Snooze Alarm" (my choice!) then swithing to a bit warmer tune of "Slow Air" then closing it with a bash on "Let's Not Go To Vienna".

I am looking forward in hearing more on them but as of now,Here are a couple of their song's:

Harry Hunks - "With Summer Wine"
Harry Hunks - "Snooze Alarm"

More on Here

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



Been crashing up & down lately & a bit tired because of my studies and at the same time...Listening to some old but still great stuff.I missed this band which i think has one of the prettiest faces in the emerging "Blonde Scene" in the mid up to late 80's UK indie music scene,Talking bout The Primitives.

The band which was formed in 1985 in Coventry,England and composed of Kieron (vocals),Paul Court (vocals/guitars),Steve Dullaghan (bass),Pete Tweedie (drums).Kieron was later replaced by Tracy Tracy (Tracy Cattell is her real name) (vocals).At the peak of the bludgeoning UK indie scene,The band showcased their loved of 60's pop blend with buzzsaw guitar's but with charm & aura as saw in the release of their first single,"Thru The Flowers" which appeared on their own label,Lazy Recordings (home also of early My Bloody Valentine,See See Rider,Birdland) in 1986.

Being lumped as the new Blondie with their melodic approach in their music but with the angst of The Ramones,The band soon create a big buzz in the warm but hard to please media enthusiast who will soon crown them as their new pop darlings right after they release their debut LP,"Lovely" on major label RCA in 1988 which scored them the major hit "Crash".Prior to the release of the LP,Tweedie has been replaced by Tig Williams (drums) who appeared on their debut.

After completing their American tour,Dullaghan exited the group and a new bassist was recruited in the form of Andy Hobson (who will later became a member of The Pretenders) who will later be replaced by Paul Sampson who stepped on for their sophomore effort,"Pure" in 1989 who failed to match the success of it's predecessor as it failed to sell as well as it's singles.The band recorded it's last LP,"Galore" which was produced by Ian Broudie (Big In Japan/Original Mirrors/Care/The Lightning Seeds) in 1991 which sadly,Also met the same fate as it was not even released in the US.Last year a retrospective & a rarities collection was released which was named after their debut single,"Thru The Flowers:The Anthology".

Here are a couple of the band's songs to reminisce those hazy days & crash those parties again:

The Primitives - "As Tears Go By"
The Primitives - "Crash" (demo)

More on Here

You can visit them Here for more info/news/updates/downloads

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Violent Love"


Time is so quick & were already approaching the middle end of the year...So timely to hear this underrated but ooozing band which create a bit dreamy sound but will left you craving for more!Im talking about My Violent Ego.The band which fuses melting guitars with it's dreamy vocals where formed when Paolo Miceli (who was based in Italy) (guitars/drum loops) met Christy Brewster (from Scotland) (vocals) on back in 2001 sharing the same passion in music.

Being away with each other is not a reason for them so they started recording their music by way of sending files through each other through the internet.Hearing traces of My Bloody Valentine,Curve,Slowdive or a band which has a tie up on the shoegaze feel of the early 90's in their music,The band has already released a string of EP's & their LP,"Carried Along By Fate" was a stormer with it's melodic but dreamy guitar lines shattered along the songs like "Thrill Of Light" layering their wall of sound music on it's feet.

My Violent Ego had toured Italy in March/April of last year & After 2 years of not seeing each other,They met in France in July also last year to record a new EP but sadly things don't go well as Christy just dropped out.Still,Paolo carry on & just this year saw the release of a new EP,"Clicks & Hisses" which was a collection of unreleased demos & rarities which was released only through the internet.Here are a couple of songs from the new EP:

My Violent Ego - "Plam"
My Violent Ego - "Pesky Fly"

More on them Here

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Shine On"


How's everyone?Im having some chilling tunes down to my nerve for the first time that i have heard these great Norwegian duo,Kawaii.Before Kawaii they are in a project called Now, voyager.Mainly composed by Mats Jorgensen & Hedda Fredly who both create the music that reminds me that the Factory label is still up.Hailing from Norway,The duo began recording songs even in their own kitchen but it pays off as they bring us their own brand of synthpop with a dark touch of post punk.

They have contributed 2 songs on the compilation "This Is The Cafe Superstar Beat Vol. # 2" & then so many labels wanted to release their work but after some delays & hang on's with internal problems,Their bright & moody debut was released by Shelflife Records titled "If It Shines, We Have It" late last year.It inlcludes some of their breezy tunes like "Happy People, Scary Planet" (upbeat start to their synth world) then swings to "Even Lineup" breaking it in the lo-fi tune "Friends Who Make You Lonely" then closing it down to the experimental form but still in poptop shape is "Hard To Get Sleep" which the title suggest is true sadness.

Here are a couple of the band's songs to make you warmth & bobble:

Kawaii - "Happy People, Scary Planet"
Kawaii - "Friends Who Make You Lonely"

The band is currently on tour of the US at the moment opening for pop icons,Trembling Blue Stars & here are some of the dates:

Sept.27 Mill Creek Tavern, Philadelphia. TBS + The Snow Fairies + Kawaii
Sept.28 DC9, Washington DC. TBS + Sprites + The Antigues + Kawaii
Sept.29 Magnetic Field, NY. TBS + The Sharp Things + Annie Hayden + Kawaii
Sept.30 Rothko, NY. TBS + Pas/cal + Sprites + Kawaii

Catch them while you can...

For more info/news check them out Here

Buy their releases Here

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"You'll Never Never Know"


Glad to be back on track & just listening to the new LP by this influential & great band which tend to cross every musical boundaries each album they make...Dislocation Dance.The band which was composed of Ian Runacres (guitar/keyboards/vocals),Richard Harrison (drums),Kathryn Way (vocals),Paul Emmerson (bass) & Andy Diagram (trumpet/vocals) (see:The Diagram Bros./The Pale Fountains/Spaceheads).
The band which was formed in the early 80's & released their debut LP,"Music,Music,Music" on the Buzzcock's label,New Hormones back in '81 followed by their sophomore but delightingly beautiful LP,"Midnight Shift" which saw it's released on the Rough Trade label in 1984.It shows some of the band's best songs like "Show Me","Tyrannies Of Fun" & a cute cover of The Beatles "We Can Work It Out" (which can be found on the CD version released by Vinyl Japan).
Nearing it's peak,The band soon disentegrated after the release of "Midnight Shift"...Andy Diagram concentrated on The Pale Fountains then later joined James & formed Spaceheads while Ian Runacres started the BOP Records in 1986.In 1999,the Vinyl Japan label issued their back catalogue as well as sessions compiled on the BBC.
But after so many year's on hiatus,The band later found themselves on a reunion tour of Japan along with another indie legends,The Jazz Butcher in 2000.It includes some of their new friends/members who stick out to the band's diverse & cool music.Phil Lukes (who plays bass on the tour & a good friend of the band) (see:Brightside/The Mancinis/Dutch Uncle) became a member & In 2002,Dislocation Dance & Brightside released a crossover LP inspired by the tour titled "Shinjuku Junction" which saw a remix of "You'll Never Never Know". The band is also included in the 4th installment of the great series "The Sound Of Leamington Spa" which includes an unreleased song "He's The Man".

After so many years,Many of the band's followers are looking for another LP from them & Thank God our prayers we're heard as the band just launched it's new LP in recent year's,"Cromer" which saw the light of the day this year which was co-released by the band's own label,Cake Engine with Vinyl Japan.It includes 14 classic slices of smooth jazz inflected pop songs (being "Short Honeymoon" an instant fave!) which was attributed by the band to it's roots & influences.

So cheer up & bring those dancing shoes on as we celebrate their comeback!Here are some snippets of the band & Other Side Projects:

Dislocation Dance - "You'll Never Never Know" (remix)Brightside - "I Will Set You Free"
Dutch Uncle - "Senseless"
The Mancinis - "That's About All"

Visit their site for more news/info & listening pleasure.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Sunny Sundae Soul"


How's everyone?Im still relieving those echoes done by this great new Swedish band,Caroline Soul.Don't judge the name cause they have truly a music soul that they play great music on a sunny matter!.They play music comparable to 80's UK guitar pop with a dash of surf & jangly pop reminiscent of early Swedish bands like Happydeadmen.The band which released a string of songs/EP's on various labels & featured on various compilations are set to release their debut LP on Japan's Quince label sometime this month or late autumn.

I have found no info on Caroline Soul & their band members as only the singer,Henrik Kyhlberg is the only one i found out as there are no listings found on their site but i'll update as soon as i can & Their credentials includes appearances on "The Sound Of Young Sweden Vol.4" on the Labrador label,On the lovely compilation from Quince Records titled "Guitar Sketch",Another wonderful pop exploration "Records Make Great Pets - Vol.1" on newly established Stereo Test Kit Records in UK & "Have I Changed Or Am I New - Ten Songs From The Independent Pop Music Scene Of Malmö, Summer of 2004" which was released by homegrown Swedish label,Revolution #9.

They have just released their new EP,"I Made A Promise I Would Shape Up" which accordingly is a taster of what adorable pop under the sun can be...Sweet & Shiny!

You can listen/download some of the band's songs Here

Be sure to check out their site for news/info

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Let's Kick & Make Up"


Just got back from a tiring vacation in the province & It's been quite busy as i have been finishing up some projects & I just loved that new music that i heard from a band that is not new in making beautiful music,Kicker.The band (which was already featured in other music blog/s & numerous webpages) was composed of ex-members of Comet Gain,Hood & Velocette.The current line-up are Jill Drew (Vocals/Violin/Keyboards/Percussion),Phil Sutton (Drums/Vocals/Percussion),Andy Jones (Guitar/Bass) & Ben Phillipson (Guitar).Based in London,They are formed back in 1998 & In the summer of '99 recorded a 2 song demo which caught the ears of Rough Trade shop which agreed to release it in their own label,For Us.

"Get Rid Of Him"/"Turning Left" became their 1st single released in 1999 & They also make their live debut & ended the year with a performance in Rough Trade christmas party.Having received many radio support after all their single releases & in 2002,The Track & Field Organization label released a compilation of their first 5 seven-inch singles titled "FiveFortyFives" where it reminds me of their formative years where their sound remind me of their Comet Gain connection/a slab of "Peng" era of Stereolab meets 60's pop thrown in one hell of a catchy ride in Popdome(being "Tomorrow Always Comes" a pick of mine).For beginners,This is a fine start as most of their singles are out of print.

After years of playing,Kicker returned with their debut LP,"Our Wild Mercury Years" also on The Track & Field Organisation label.Almost 2 years in the making & armed with a new delightful sound which at times can be mistaken sounding like The Go-Betweens (just listen to "Madelaine",my fave!) where Phil croon in his lovelorn glory,This debut LP extracts all their musical comparisons to their ex-bands marking their own name & sound.It starts off with the refreshing opener "One Summer" (which features the drumming skills of Laura Bridge (see:Harper Lee) then to the subtle melody of "Blue" switching again to the jangly beat of "Doris Dear" accompanied by the charming keyboards.Another fine gem in here is their cover of "Since You Left" by 60's soulsters The Inciters (also featured on "More Soul Than Wigan Casino" on Fortuna Pop! label) & closing it with the very lovely "Madelaine" where Phil sings "Madelaine,Where Are You Now...Where Are You Hiding?" like he is searching for a long lost girl.

I am looking for more & this is pop when it pops! & I loved this band & i am surely hearing one of the year's best & can we have a poll now?I have a couple of their songs & hear them now & sing them forever:

Kicker - "Paraguay"
Kicker - "Blue"

Feel free to visit their site for more news/info & to hear more from them.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"So Twee"


Just finished reviewing some stuff on my own & I just uploaded some things on the blog.Today is a bit lovely,Lovely in a sense that it must be patterned with a lovely nor cute band which makes good & very cute music,Im gonna feature another local band which is very fluffy in terms of music they create,Spring Boutique.

Originally named Creamy Bicycle back in early 2000,The band which is composed of Anthony Agarpao (guitars) (see also:Fairy Dust),Precious Agarpao (guitars),Basil James Silva (drums),Caleb Domingo (bass) & Lorelie Landavora (vox) (see also:Under Shooting Stars).The band which plays pop at it's coolness & finest,bubblegum songs & anything soft but can knock your head off because of it's coolness (i always think that summer is just around the corner).They play indiepop tunes reminiscent of the likes of early The Cardigans,Club 8,Pipas & Swedish pop.

Creamy Bicycle changed their monicker to Spring Boutique in the middle of 2003 & has been on countless gigs around the city.The band has been since caught up with local indie label,Dorothy Records where they released their debut,"Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" in early 2003 which includes a mix of 60's pop,bossanova & indiepop,It also includes "I Thank You" & "Happy Song" (my fave!).Still enjoying success in local indie scene,The band found themselves releasing a CD-r series on Shelflife Records titled "It's A Sweet Thing!" which has now been sold out.

Luck was really on their way as their debut "Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" has been picked up by Japanese indie label,Quince Records to be distributed worlwide.They also did contribute a track on the compilation "Dashboard Teddy Version 1.0" released by Dorothy Records.The band has just got back gigging & maybe writing new songs to their future releases.Hoping to hear more on them in the coming month's...Here are a couple of their songs:

Spring Boutique - "Afternoon Lullabye"
Spring Boutique - "Summer Valentine"

More On Here

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Saturday, August 13, 2005



Rainy days are just starting to get over but im still on a sleep mode...A bit lazy & just love listening to the online player when i came up with this cool band.They say in their webpage that if you enjoy cheesy keyboards, sub-par singing, computer-made drums, hand claps, tambourines, toy xylopones, and anpanman...And you're an indie rock fan,You'll love
The Bad Spellers!

The Bad Spellers played happy songs layered with casiotone,toy keyboards,clean guitars,fake drums & everything they can get their hands on.The duo of Tony (who mostly sings) & Yasuko (backing up on vox) make very sunny & shimmery pop songs reminiscent of Shoestrings (listen to the "In The Event That We Are Rescued"),Stephen Merritt project's & many bands we much missed on Sunday Records.They have just made pop tunes that will keep you smile & cherish those days...

They are included in the EP Club # 5 alongside other bands released by Asaurus Records in June/July of 2004 on a limited edition CD-r that was already sold out.They are also included in another compy "For Whom The Casio Tolls" released also by Asaurus last year.After travelling to Canada late last year to record with their friend,Justin Langlois which resulted in a split with Justin's band,The London Apartments.

The "Fall In Love" split EP with The London Apartments was released on their own until Chris of Post*Records offered to re-release it & a new artwork has been made as well as a CD was pressed to become Post*Records first ever release.Here are a couple of their songs:

The Bad Spellers - "Girls Say Moshii"
The Bad Spellers - "In The Event That We Are Rescued"

More on Here

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Oceans And Seashells"


It's been a busy month & a lot of surprises coming along the way...I'm happy although the rain doesn't quite to stop for almost a week already..."Melodic but potent","Jangly,catchy but never offensive powerpop","Soulful","Shimmering..." & "Lyrical" are just words that best described this band I've currently listening to in my stereo.They were a band named Remember The Ocean.

Gaining the phrases that have best described their sound,The band who hails from South Florida composed basically of Kristin Larkin (vox/guitars),Earl Coralluzzo (guitars) & Thom Hammond (bass).The band (which has a hint of The Sundays,The Innocence Mission,Low,Cowboy Junkies) has played along with some notable acts such as Will Hoge,Lisa Loeb,Ani Di Franco,Etc.

The band has already released their debut LP,"Ruth" in 2000 on their own label,The Honeycomb which includes "Summer" (which is a handpicked choice of mine).This LP was voted best recording debut in South Florida by New Times.After 2 years they have released their sophomore LP,"Tomorrow After Dark" which have gained them a new following & a tour in support of the album's release.Here are a couple of their songs:

Remember The Ocean - "Summer"
Remember The Ocean - "Natchez Trace"

More on Here

You can visit the band for news & updates Here

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"They're On Their Way"


Glad to be back again...How's everyone out there?Im just listening to a band which is a kinda quirky,fronted by cartoon pop images which plays good music called indie-pop,The Close-Ups.It was a North East England based songwriter/musician named Carl Green who mastermind the idea of forming the band (set-up of cartoon band).

The band members were Abby Kirkella (vox/bass),Rake (guitar),Zack McKenzie (backing vox/keyboards) & Newton Aycliffe (backing vox/drums) which were all created in design to Carl's pop experiments.They play cool pop tunes meets the music of modern day B-52's & reminiscent of Dressy Bessy with a touch of Petula Clark,Doris Day & other 60's artists.Through record releases & some videos,specially "I'm On My Way" which is a personal fave on their releases,They reminded me of Dressy Bessy meets The B-52's.Brilliant!The Close-Ups are another fine secret from the UK that should be heard by music enthusiast.

Expect to here more from them as they are set to release a debut album & some new tracks are gonna be posted on their site on September so watch out!

You can visit the band for news & buy their releases Here which also has some downloadable tracks & other reviews.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Moon Like A Pearl"


Being away for a while is such a hard thing...I miss so much & Im just glad to hear some of the coolest tunes ever graced this planet from another exciting band named,Pia Fraus.

It all started in 1998 in Tallinn,Estonia when six art school students namely Kärt Ojavee (synthesizers),Kristel Loide (vocals 1998-2001),Rein Fuks (guitars/vocals),Tõnis Kenkmaa (guitars),Reijo Tagapere (bass) and Joosep Volk (drums 1998-2003) came together.1999 came their first gig & after some concerts they started recording their first album "Wonder What It's Like" which was released in spring 2001 by themselves.

Armed with their haunting influences of My Bloody Valentine mixed with a poppy Rocketship minus the ambient leaning sound,They sent some jet streaming demos to different labels and their next full length album "In Solarium" was released under Clairecords in summer 2002.Kristel left the band and Eve Komp replaced her.In autumn of 2003 Clairecords released "Plastilina EP" which included tracks from "Wonder What It's Like".Before that Margus Voolpriit replaced Joosep.

At the beginning of 2004 Vinyl-Junkie Recordings released "In Solarium" with bonus tracks in Japan.In September later that year "Mooie Island EP" was released under their own label SekSound.Then in spring 2005 Vinyl-Junkie Recordings released compilation CD "Sailing On A Grapefruit Lake" in Japan which also includes two videos.I posted a couple of their songs:

Pia Fraus - "Moon Like A Pearl"
Pia Fraus - "400 & 57"

More on Here to discover how it feel's like between planets!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

"New Affections & Old Standards"


Glad to be back from a tiring vacation a couple of days & last night chit chat talk til' morning with Allan Montero (Candyaudioline/Soft Pillow Kisses/Aspirin/Superminty) & Joey Santos (ex-Superminty/Candyaudioline/Judith).
I was also a bit tired after finishing my prelim examination's,Now back on track & i just love it when i heard a band which can i truly say "Indie",I want to hand it down to another great band,The Silly Pillows.

From their 60's pop leanings combined with twee oriented feel in their songs,The band which started to be a home recording project of Jonathan Caws-Elwitt (singer/songwriter/instruments) & wife Hilary Caws-Elwitt (vox/instruments) back in 1986.They released their demos/songs on their own Pillow Image Ltd. via cassettes who gained them a following,including Dj's,fanzine writers,listeners.Hilary left in 1992 just as they are on the verge of releasing an EP on the German label,Hoppel di Hoy Records.

After a year,The band was now joined by Jonathan's brother,Sam Elwitt.They now switch to full studio recordings & which now see's them releasing old home recordings & making records on different labels.They have released their debut LP "Strangest Of The Strange" (i love this one!) in '94."Up In The Air" released in '95 was also a great LP which compiled some of their earlier recordings & in 1996 saw the band reaching the japanese pop charts at #3 with their split single with the band Citrus.This year also saw them rehearse & perform as a live act & what a cool way to start with a big PILLOW on stage.

A retrospective was released by a major label in Japan in 1997 & the band still continue to tour & completing the new LP with the current line-up of Jonathan Caws-Elwitt & Belinda Miller on lead vocals,Sam Elwitt on guitar,Charlie Zayleskie on keyboards,Michael E. Fiato on bass & Dave Joachim on drums.A year after,"New Affections" was released to a wider audience in spite of an Import only release & charting on various college radio stations & even MTV.A series of gigs followed accompanied by a quirky video done by the band.

The band is on hiatus & not active as of now but head pillow Jonathan Caws-Elwitt has some new recordings done on his own which you could find Here & you can also download his "Black & White Bathroom" EP Here

I've also done an interview with Jonathan Caws-Elwitt last summer through e-mail:

Jun Eric:Hi Jonathan,Can i ask who are the influences of the band whether in writing or making music?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:My biggest influences were mid-60's pop/rock/psych bands like the Beatles,Kinks, Byrds, Hollies, Zombies, Who,Beach Boys, Turtles, early Jefferson Airplane,Chad & Jeremy and lots of obscure singles and albums by lessfamous 60's bands. Punk-pop sounds (especially the Buzzcocks) were alsoan important influence, and from what I was hearing in the '80s I was inspired by bands like the Three O'Clock and the Rain Parade.You might be interested in a web page I wrote that chronicles the historyof the Silly Pillows in more detail:

Jun Eric:Wow,What a slew of lists it was:) I love some of them,Im more of a Beach Boys/Byrds fan than The Fab Four but still like them though & in the 60's,Which my father can relate to cause he is the one who intoduced me to this kind of music,I loved The Shang-rilas,The Ronettes,The United States Of America,The Orchids,Etc.

Jun Eric:Can i count The Faces (way before Rod entered the relic)?I think The Small Faces (Steve Marriott era) had a great sound!?Should Syd Barrett era of Floyd counted or it was more of Roger Waters?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Personally, I like the Barrett-era stuff.

Jun Eric:Wow,Buzzcocks is cooler in what i think than the hype that's been going out in todays music:)Though im more of an Echo,Wild Swans,Liverpool thing i still loved em...

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Hilary likes Echo and the Bunnymen a lot!

Jun Eric:Those two paisley bands are known here,specially Three O'Clock cause back in the day,their single "On Paper" became a hit & i love their "Jet Fighter","Arrived Without Travelling" days & i also liked Dave & Co.,I loved "What She's Done To Your Mind",a classic!How about Green On Red or Dumptruck,are they in?:)

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:I never really got into those or knew a lot of their music, though I know we played some Green on Red on our radio show way back when and we had friends who knew the people in Dumptruck.

Jun Eric:I just finished reading the whole story/article of the band & i was astonished of how the story have worked with Dean Wareham on a radio show?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Well . . . I have to tell you that we didn't exactly work with him. It was more like Dean had the radio show on Sunday nights and Hilary had it on Monday nights, or something. (:v>

Jun Eric:Can i still ask if your wife Hilary still sing/co-operate on your solo outing?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Hilary decided in 1992 that she didn't want to sing anymore.But since then she's done a lot to support the music -Website help, Accounting . . . And most importantly, Enthusiasm!

Jun Eric: I just found out that it was her brother who is a member of Nada Surf,Thanks & You guys have been friends with so many people & how can u define music now & then?Do you miss the days of 4-track?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:I'll answer the last question first,I don't miss the 4-track because though it was at the time a precious key to being able to record multi-track music affordably at home, it was very unreliable and frustrating. I'm currently using a digital home-recording machine - which causes fewer problems and has fewer limitations, though it's not perfect - but my favorite way to record is in a professional studio with an expert engineer solving all my technical troubles. (:v> I really don't have a taste or a gift for engineering, and I'd rather be free to focus on the artistic/performance considerations and not get bogged down in technical messes.As for defining music now and then . . . I think now I have more perspective on where I fit in. In our home-cassette days, I was trying to make 60's-ish music or trying to make punk-pop music and not realizing that I was really part of a newer genre (lo-fi tweepop?) that was heavily influenced by but somewhat distinct from both those things. I more or less knew what I was doing artistically, song to song, but I didn't know that I was part of a trend. I loved the Television Personalities but, believe it or not, it never occurred to me at that time that my music was like theirs! I was too busy thinking about the Zombies and the Byrds to hear how what I was doing was unintentionally following in the footsteps of the TVP's. But by the mid '90s, once I was exposed to a lot of the bands that were liked by the same people who liked us, I had more of a sense of being part of a "scene".

Jun Eric:Wow,I mean you are practically one of those bands that achieve a cult following in recent years that maintain that profile yet still playing/making songs that most in the "scene" are not aware of,I really see in you guys the true essence of a musician rather than a pop star,I admit that sometimes i feel also that i belong to a certain community which never appreciate the efforts u contibute to others.Btw,Did u ever released a single in your new solo stuff Jonathan?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:A 7-inch almost came out a couple of years ago, but it never happened. So it's just been the downloads/CD-R's.

Jun Eric:How are u these days?Do you record new songs & any projects?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Things are groovy at the Caws-Elwitt's house.I'm not doing any music at the moment,though I've been making some notes regarding song ideas.I'm guessing I might get back into it later this year (fall/winter?).Meanwhile, aside from being busy at my dayjob (at a textbook store), I've been doing some humor writing, and I'm also currently acting in a play (which I do from time to time with local community-theater groups).

Jun Eric:Btw,Today is Sunday & where do you usually stay or what do you do in a weekend,Any routines?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Well,Sometimes Hilary and I go out of town to visit family and friends on weekends, and occasionally one or the other of us have to work on a Saturday or Sunday; sometimes we'll meet friends in town for dinner or go to see a play, or sometimes we're in a play ourselves . . . but a "normal" weekend just involves us staying at home together and working on our various personal projects -in my case that could be writing, recording music, working on my web pages, or doing publicity for the theater group I publicize. We also love to just relax together -read, watch old comedies, play a board game once in a while, sometimes dance to house music in our kitchen. (:v> We really like being at home -we've set up and decorated the house just the way we like it, we love to plan and cook interesting vegetarian meals, have a pale ale or a glass of some complex red wine in the evening, etc.We don't spend as much time on the phone with our friends as we did before the email age, but we still do some of that; we have two phones hooked up so we can both be on the phone at the same time.

Jun Eric:Your band (The Pillows) are one of the bands i inquired with & i found out as one of the twee/poppy sounding,In this case do you listen to a lot of Indiepop acts/records in the past?

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:When I was in my teens and my twenties, I listened to tons of sixties pop/rock and a bunch of new music/punk-pop/postpunk etc. By the late 80's, though, I had stopped keeping up with new music, for the most part. So though I was recording new pop myself, my listening was largely limited to the same old sixties stuff I loved, plus more old sixties stuff I was discovering. And by the early 90's, I had begun listening mostly to modern jazz (late 40's to early 60's), and hardly even listened to sixties pop that much anymore. Jazz is still what I listen to more than anything else. But once I got wind of the other indiepop groups that were active in the mid-90's, I started listening to contemporary pop again - the bands and labels I was friendly with would send me their stuff, and I would find new favorite songs to enjoy. I don't hear as much indiepop now that I'm no longer as active in the music scene; on the other hand, we have a satellite radio and I've begun to listen to some kinds of music I didn't pay much attention to before -- chillout, bossa-lounge-electronica, house, bass & drums, etc.

Jun Eric:Thanks for all the answers & keep up!

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt:Thanks & Feel free to send more questions anytime!

More on the band to follow & some interviews also so stay tuned:)

You can hear & visit the band Here with some cool tunes you can download.

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Thanks to Jonathan Caws-Elwitt for all the info bout the band & their respective music.