Saturday, November 29, 2008

"You'll Never Know"


How's anyone? How's the music world revolving lately? Im a bit wee but im still around and STILL listening! Gosh! It's been so long since i write and thanks to Tom for asking me in Facebook if my blog is still alive and kicking and now i just wake up from a dream, A long lost dream... A happy feeling specially in this part of the year, a few days before Christmas falls and a mere month to welcome the coming year. To start things up, Which i usually do in rounding things off and there's so much great music that had been part of us this year but i just stumble on and it was great, great music... So lovely i very much adorn it...

Just a few days when i was browsing the web ( Myspace to be exact ) i discovered a lovely fellow who plays music reminiscent of The Hit Parade on a mary go round riding along with 80's popsters Prefab Sprout. Im talking about Kevin McGrother, a one man band who played happy, fun and jangly music reminiscent of classic 80's guitarpop. Recalling the days of great p!o!p! hits and the much loved indiepop music, Kevin started making music in the early 90's with Just Like Alice and after that a band named Tickety Boo, which released an EP but was laid off because of a court case.

The year 2008 was a really virtual change and ten years on, Kevin and co. strut their guitars and instruments to release the wonderful "Living In An Enid Blyton World", A collection of his past 10 years in recording and what a blast from the past!!! The first time i've heard the single "You'll Never Know" i was totally happy that music like this has been made and i just wanna smile, smile and smile while i was walking the laneways of our neighbourhood. With the whispering intro through the chimey piano chorus line, I feel like i was a child again, no worries to think about and when i heard the vocals i was reminded how Julian Henry made great music with The Hit Parade.

The title track show's a more janglier track in the vein of C86 ala Friends ( with matching horns, handclapps ), The Smiths, The Housemartins and many janglepop bands. "The Same Old Story" truly capture the Sarah Records sound as it also draws the closest comparison to The Hit Parade's "In Gunnersbury Park" with the tilting acoustic guitar lines mixing along with the beautiful lovelorn vocals of Mary Joyce followed by Kevin. A lovely record, beautiful pop melodies made by a genius.

You can visit his Myspace page and feel free to buy his beautiful album. A must have!!!