Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Shine On"


How's everyone?Im having some chilling tunes down to my nerve for the first time that i have heard these great Norwegian duo,Kawaii.Before Kawaii they are in a project called Now, voyager.Mainly composed by Mats Jorgensen & Hedda Fredly who both create the music that reminds me that the Factory label is still up.Hailing from Norway,The duo began recording songs even in their own kitchen but it pays off as they bring us their own brand of synthpop with a dark touch of post punk.

They have contributed 2 songs on the compilation "This Is The Cafe Superstar Beat Vol. # 2" & then so many labels wanted to release their work but after some delays & hang on's with internal problems,Their bright & moody debut was released by Shelflife Records titled "If It Shines, We Have It" late last year.It inlcludes some of their breezy tunes like "Happy People, Scary Planet" (upbeat start to their synth world) then swings to "Even Lineup" breaking it in the lo-fi tune "Friends Who Make You Lonely" then closing it down to the experimental form but still in poptop shape is "Hard To Get Sleep" which the title suggest is true sadness.

Here are a couple of the band's songs to make you warmth & bobble:

Kawaii - "Happy People, Scary Planet"
Kawaii - "Friends Who Make You Lonely"

The band is currently on tour of the US at the moment opening for pop icons,Trembling Blue Stars & here are some of the dates:

Sept.27 Mill Creek Tavern, Philadelphia. TBS + The Snow Fairies + Kawaii
Sept.28 DC9, Washington DC. TBS + Sprites + The Antigues + Kawaii
Sept.29 Magnetic Field, NY. TBS + The Sharp Things + Annie Hayden + Kawaii
Sept.30 Rothko, NY. TBS + Pas/cal + Sprites + Kawaii

Catch them while you can...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"You'll Never Never Know"


Glad to be back on track & just listening to the new LP by this influential & great band which tend to cross every musical boundaries each album they make...Dislocation Dance.The band which was composed of Ian Runacres (guitar/keyboards/vocals),Richard Harrison (drums),Kathryn Way (vocals),Paul Emmerson (bass) & Andy Diagram (trumpet/vocals) (see:The Diagram Bros./The Pale Fountains/Spaceheads).
The band which was formed in the early 80's & released their debut LP,"Music,Music,Music" on the Buzzcock's label,New Hormones back in '81 followed by their sophomore but delightingly beautiful LP,"Midnight Shift" which saw it's released on the Rough Trade label in 1984.It shows some of the band's best songs like "Show Me","Tyrannies Of Fun" & a cute cover of The Beatles "We Can Work It Out" (which can be found on the CD version released by Vinyl Japan).
Nearing it's peak,The band soon disentegrated after the release of "Midnight Shift"...Andy Diagram concentrated on The Pale Fountains then later joined James & formed Spaceheads while Ian Runacres started the BOP Records in 1986.In 1999,the Vinyl Japan label issued their back catalogue as well as sessions compiled on the BBC.
But after so many year's on hiatus,The band later found themselves on a reunion tour of Japan along with another indie legends,The Jazz Butcher in 2000.It includes some of their new friends/members who stick out to the band's diverse & cool music.Phil Lukes (who plays bass on the tour & a good friend of the band) (see:Brightside/The Mancinis/Dutch Uncle) became a member & In 2002,Dislocation Dance & Brightside released a crossover LP inspired by the tour titled "Shinjuku Junction" which saw a remix of "You'll Never Never Know". The band is also included in the 4th installment of the great series "The Sound Of Leamington Spa" which includes an unreleased song "He's The Man".

After so many years,Many of the band's followers are looking for another LP from them & Thank God our prayers we're heard as the band just launched it's new LP in recent year's,"Cromer" which saw the light of the day this year which was co-released by the band's own label,Cake Engine with Vinyl Japan.It includes 14 classic slices of smooth jazz inflected pop songs (being "Short Honeymoon" an instant fave!) which was attributed by the band to it's roots & influences.

So cheer up & bring those dancing shoes on as we celebrate their comeback!Here are some snippets of the band & Other Side Projects:

Dislocation Dance - "You'll Never Never Know" (remix)Brightside - "I Will Set You Free"
Dutch Uncle - "Senseless"
The Mancinis - "That's About All"

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Sunny Sundae Soul"


How's everyone?Im still relieving those echoes done by this great new Swedish band,Caroline Soul.Don't judge the name cause they have truly a music soul that they play great music on a sunny matter!.They play music comparable to 80's UK guitar pop with a dash of surf & jangly pop reminiscent of early Swedish bands like Happydeadmen.The band which released a string of songs/EP's on various labels & featured on various compilations are set to release their debut LP on Japan's Quince label sometime this month or late autumn.

I have found no info on Caroline Soul & their band members as only the singer,Henrik Kyhlberg is the only one i found out as there are no listings found on their site but i'll update as soon as i can & Their credentials includes appearances on "The Sound Of Young Sweden Vol.4" on the Labrador label,On the lovely compilation from Quince Records titled "Guitar Sketch",Another wonderful pop exploration "Records Make Great Pets - Vol.1" on newly established Stereo Test Kit Records in UK & "Have I Changed Or Am I New - Ten Songs From The Independent Pop Music Scene Of Malmö, Summer of 2004" which was released by homegrown Swedish label,Revolution #9.

They have just released their new EP,"I Made A Promise I Would Shape Up" which accordingly is a taster of what adorable pop under the sun can be...Sweet & Shiny!

You can listen/download some of the band's songs Here

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Let's Kick & Make Up"


Just got back from a tiring vacation in the province & It's been quite busy as i have been finishing up some projects & I just loved that new music that i heard from a band that is not new in making beautiful music,Kicker.The band (which was already featured in other music blog/s & numerous webpages) was composed of ex-members of Comet Gain,Hood & Velocette.The current line-up are Jill Drew (Vocals/Violin/Keyboards/Percussion),Phil Sutton (Drums/Vocals/Percussion),Andy Jones (Guitar/Bass) & Ben Phillipson (Guitar).Based in London,They are formed back in 1998 & In the summer of '99 recorded a 2 song demo which caught the ears of Rough Trade shop which agreed to release it in their own label,For Us.

"Get Rid Of Him"/"Turning Left" became their 1st single released in 1999 & They also make their live debut & ended the year with a performance in Rough Trade christmas party.Having received many radio support after all their single releases & in 2002,The Track & Field Organization label released a compilation of their first 5 seven-inch singles titled "FiveFortyFives" where it reminds me of their formative years where their sound remind me of their Comet Gain connection/a slab of "Peng" era of Stereolab meets 60's pop thrown in one hell of a catchy ride in Popdome(being "Tomorrow Always Comes" a pick of mine).For beginners,This is a fine start as most of their singles are out of print.

After years of playing,Kicker returned with their debut LP,"Our Wild Mercury Years" also on The Track & Field Organisation label.Almost 2 years in the making & armed with a new delightful sound which at times can be mistaken sounding like The Go-Betweens (just listen to "Madelaine",my fave!) where Phil croon in his lovelorn glory,This debut LP extracts all their musical comparisons to their ex-bands marking their own name & sound.It starts off with the refreshing opener "One Summer" (which features the drumming skills of Laura Bridge (see:Harper Lee) then to the subtle melody of "Blue" switching again to the jangly beat of "Doris Dear" accompanied by the charming keyboards.Another fine gem in here is their cover of "Since You Left" by 60's soulsters The Inciters (also featured on "More Soul Than Wigan Casino" on Fortuna Pop! label) & closing it with the very lovely "Madelaine" where Phil sings "Madelaine,Where Are You Now...Where Are You Hiding?" like he is searching for a long lost girl.

I am looking for more & this is pop when it pops! & I loved this band & i am surely hearing one of the year's best & can we have a poll now?I have a couple of their songs & hear them now & sing them forever:

Kicker - "Paraguay"
Kicker - "Blue"

Feel free to visit their site for more news/info & to hear more from them.

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