Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"You're My September"


It's been raining...At least for now i do hope as things go bright it seems...I woke up late due to back pains i sustained listening to this group which remind me of a minty afternoon,dreaming up the perfect P!O!P!.It was fantastic which is what i say to this much missed band called The Fantasy Lights.

Formed in 2000 in a small bedroom by concept of Patrik Durmiendo (keyboards/guitars/voice)which give birth to the soothing and tearful music by The Fantasy Lights.It reminds me of The Field Mice,Trembling Blue Stars,Harper Lee,Silver Screen and a bit of Sarah Records.He has released & contributed to many compilations including "Mutual Admiration Society" (Definition Records 2001),"Hit Music Only - A Heavenly Pop Hits Compilation" (Heavenly Pop Hits 2002),"We Are Not Alone:Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 6" (Best Kept Secret 2002) and "Dashboard Teddy Version 1.0" (Dorothy Records 2003).Also he played gigs around 2001 up to 2002 with the help of Chax and Lawrence in live sets.Afterwhich a hiatus followed...

But not for long as 2006 see's the return into new fold as Patrik recorded new songs which gives life to music fans who missed his lovelorn music (including me).He started to play live again (on the last Girlboy gig which sadly i missed his set) and recorded a new lovely song titled "Cinema At Seven" (my fave nowadays!) and im looking for more which i think will follow in the coming month's.

You can hear/download more of The Fantasy Lights music on their Myspace Page

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"I Killed A Party"


How's everyone?It's been a while now and i haved miss so many things...Im glad to be back and what a way to start as i just got in from a gig last night and it was a bash!The event was called "I Killed A Party" which was actually the 5th installment of the burgeoning Girlboy series.It was 11:25 PM already when i got in the very cool place amidst from the old concept of a bar and this one was like throwing a party for all combined with great music and old faces and some new ones gathered when i came in just in time for the set of the chiming Soul Connection (i have missed The Fantasy Lights set which was staggering according to my friend Sherwin which includes a cover of The Field Mice song "Willow" and the swinging Balloon Derby who popped the crowd out!).

Soul Connection brought down some materials of their own which reminisce the good ol sounds of 60's soul accompanied with Pancho's chimy keyboards.The band even do a cover of a Small Faces song which the title escape me to the delight of the crowd.Noise harbingers TV Guide soon followed which feels like it was early 90's again with their shimmering guitar lines coming out of Baron's guitar effects.It was like Yo La Tengo or Versus whenever i hear this band plays,Indierock or shoegaze,put them on!Dreamy!

Now it's time for quiet approval,a time to hear some fresh tunes from the widely missed Jojo Sarmiento (Dorian Of Juniper Bells/She Came To Stay/Moscow Olympics) who played along with his new monicker Joaquin Esquivel.Armed with a guitar & his witty lyrics,The crowd gathered around him listening to his songs like it was a storytelling.The highlight of his set was when he covered a Serge Gainsbourg song which receives an applause from the crowd including a smiling Peter Hahndorf which serves as a guest.

After Jojo's set came Aurora Borealis.With it's pummeling noise showered in all it's shoegaze glory,The band jettisoned quickly to their own brand of noisemaking then afterwards i was shock when they covered a familiar tune which bop to my head...That was a Candyaudioline song i whispered!Titled "Flaming Walls" the band do quite well giving the song it's own purity.Gaze on!

I go out to get some beer when i chanced upon Peter & we had a little chit chat about some new indiepop and old UK bands,travelling around the world,new releases from his label Clarendon Records and some Filipino tunes which he download on his Ipod which has a lot of Belle & Sebastian songs on it.We got back in time for the post punk aesthetics of Through The Lens.They started off with their instrumental tune with a tribal sound which reminds me of Factory label bands like Kalima & The Durutti Column.On to their set they played their brand of ESGsque tunes accompanied by the dancing crowd.

Then came the mighty Moscow Olympics headed by a superb line-up and the fact that these guys are vastly becoming finest everytime i see them play!Very lovely guitar lines & melodies...I really loved "Second Trace",What more can i say?The crowd began to dance as one on these part as even Peter Hahndorf raises his cheerful hand on this band.

It was a night full of worth and great music,How'd i'd wish it was always like this but thanks it was done in a tremendous preparation and It was time for my friend Sherwin to part companies as im still going to Malate for a meeting & my other friends are already having an affair with their daydreams and im looking forward in seeing everyone on the next Girlboy gig...It's a must!

Thanks to Sherwin for the pics. Thank you mate!