Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Just Like Honey"


After a bit of struggle on the forefronts of some rumours revolving around the state of the country the past weekend,I had already gone by pass those bad news about the political issue concerning the Philippine government & supremacy...Anyone was right isn't it?

But back on the regular basis,I had a very beautiful weekend night travelling along the coastal lanes of Cavite to Manila seeing citizens walking by,passing along without even noticing the problems of everyday life...Still with smile across those round faces...It was past 12 already when i got home & before i go to sleep i soundcheck a little bit with these refreshing band from (again and again...) Sweden,Where else do i expect for?Summer is on it's way already and it's a perfect blend to introduce the band called Like Honey.

Formed in late 2003 in Malmö,Like Honey are composed of Johanna Cromnow (vocals),Joakim Karlsson (guitars),Klas Sjöberg (bass, guitar,vocals),Sandra Svensson (organ,synthesizer) and Therese Åsberg (drums).Their music encompasses such Swedish bands like early The Cardigans but with more guitar oriented sound and Sonic Youth minus the angst but replaced it with girlinky voice of Johanna & the anthemic synths.After performing in their native homeland which gained them a loyal following not only in Malmö but with other parts of Sweden in which they are signed by independent label Hybris (home of other great Swedish pop stalwarts including El Perro Del Mar,Vapnet,Etc.).

They already achieved a cult following abroad with the release of their debut EP "So Silent" in 2004 which prove how capable the band are as a pop group.Late 2005 see's the release of the highly acclaimed EP "Airport" which blend pop with amalgalm guitars drowned in synthesizer beats.The title track (which is my fave song) proves how much the band evolve in recent years & im inloved with the Stereolab meets Sonic Youth track "Let It Pass" with bubbly chorus fading along,Great!!!

Im looking forward in seeing a full length from the group & as of now you can hear a couple of soaring sounds from the band to start your summer:

Like Honey - "November"
Like Honey - "Airport"

You can hear more Here plus you can download their video for "Airport"

Visit them Here for news/updates

Buy their releases at Hybris or Here

Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Tell Me You Love Me"


How's everyone?A bit busy this month following some buzzing news occuring around the country...What's going on?Whew...It's those hazy days again...

Im just making fun inside the house while commotions in other places are happenin' at the same time...Just playing some playful tunes from these wonderful Swedes who hails from the west coast,In a town called Halmstad.They or He is called Eisenhower playing nice music with an anorak feel in a twee way!With guitars,drummachines mix with nice vocals it surely sums up the great music it produce which will remind you of sunshine & spring coming in the air...So lovely,Oh lovely...

Eisenhower is form through the brainchild of chief songwriter Henrik Påhle (who says this projects is just for fun).Playing songs full of fun & cuteness,There is no way for sadness in his music but it will be filled with songs of love & relationships in a very happy mood.Releasing his music on his own with 5 Cdr-s full of demos (including his renditions of classic hits from Joy Division,The Smiths,Nixon & Gordon Lightfoot),A compilation Cdr & An appearance on the compilation "Hit Music Only" on Heavenly Pop Hits label.Six live gigs are already accomplished eversince his formation of the band including "Mitt Bästa Liv" festival (where various members of Handsome Train & The Gentle Smiles back him up playing live tunes),Starke Adolf Popklubb (where in they are joined by another tweepop stalwarts,Pipas) and Delicious Goldfish Brunchpop.

Any labels from Sweden...are you listening?Or is it around the world?

Here are a couple of his tunes to dance with:

Eisenhower - "You Are My Number One"
Eisenhower - "Tell Me You Love Me"

More from Here

For news/info on the band you can pay a visit on Eisenhower Estate Here

Buy his stuff Here or at Delicious Goldfish Records

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"You Can't Hide Your Love Forever"


Whoa!!!I've been surfing the net listening along the lovely chimes of "Lachrymose" (is it a coincidence?) when i received a very wonderful mail from Ryan of Apple Orchard announcing a good news that the "7 "A Hiding Smile" is already released & can be purchased from Humblebee Recordings.Great lovely tunes reminiscent of Brighter,Bouquet,Harper Lee,Pinkie,Sarah Records,Etc.More info Here.

I've been so much happy in the past few days on what has been happenin' on the music scene (in local or around the globe) as for the past couple of years has been a declaration of good things to come...It's already the 2nd month of the year & it see's another series of great releases as started by my post on the new release by Apple Orchard.Next was another fine gem from the past (again & again) and this time it will be from The Servants.

Feburary sees the Cherry Red label release an album called "Reserved" by The Servants (CDMRED 297).The Servants were formed in London in 1985 and were based around the carefully crafted guitar work of David Westlake.Phil King who went onto play with Felt and Biff Bang Pow,Lush,Etc was also in the band.Their first two singles,"She's Always Hiding" and "The Sun, A Small Star" both on the Head Records label attracted good press interest and both made the independent singles chart.Westlake then went on to a solo deal with Creation Records while The Servants reformed around future The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man,Luke

Haines.Also involved in the new line up was Hugh Whitaker who had previously been with The Housemartins wherein they released an LP,"Disinterest" in 1990 on the Fire Records subsidiary,Paperhouse.Luke Haines wrote the sleeve notes for this release which is quite a good one specially for fans of early Go-Betweens,Postcard Records,C-86 in general.

Here's the tracklisting:

The Sun, A Small Star?A Fleeting Visit/You'd Do Me Good/Afterglow/She Whom Once I Dreamt Of/It Takes No Gentleman/It's My Turn/Rings On Her Fingers/Meredith/ She's Always Hiding?Do Or Be Done /Transparent/Faithful To 3 Lovers/Funny Business/Loggerheads/Search Under Stones/Water Baby Blonde/Who's Calling You Baby Now?/Hey, Mrs John/I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

Pre-order/Buy these release on Cherry Red

Also a round of re-releases are gonna be released this month by Dislocation Dance (see my post on them September of last year) which are set to be released by LTM this month.Their first LP,"Music Music Music" accompanied by the mini-LP,"Slip That Disc" on 1 CD!

Here's the tracklisting:

Stand Me Up, Don't Knock Me Down, YOPS Course, Meeting Mum & Dad, Friendship, Take a Chance (On Romance), ...Have a Dance, Roof is Leaking, With a Smile on Your Face & A Frown in Your Heart, Vendetta (Theme), Narrow Laughs, Footloose, Can't Race Time... and the Mad Killer (Coda), Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow, Rosemary, Shake, Can't Race Time... and the Mad Killer (Version), You'll Never Know, You Can Tell, Spare Concern, I'll See It, It's All True... Panic!, We Can Work It Out, So Much Fault, This Problem, Clarinet Source, Under One & Over

Also their sophomore released will be issued by LTM,"Midnight Shift" which was originally released by the Rough Trade label in 1983.The new digital remastered CD includes the 1983 Rough Trade album "Midnight Shift" with 5 bonus tracks from the satellite singles "Show Me" and "Violette" as well as the original version of "St Michelle" originally released on the Hours/Heures Sans Soleil compilation.New artwork composed of 17 tracks in 74 minutes of music.

Here's the tracklisting:

Show Me, I'm Doing Fine, Here Comes Love, Remind Me, Tyrannies of Fun, Open Cages, Baby Blue, With a Reason, Mr Zak, Bottle of Red Wine, Midnight Shift, San Michelle, Violette (7") , Remind Me (instrumental), Show Me (12" version), Show Me (Dennis Bovell dub mix), (The Next Year I Returned to) San Michelle (But Marie Had Gone & With Her My Childhood)

Lastly to summed it up was a released from the binocular jangly in a psychedelic feel Liverpudlians,Benny Profane.Formed by Dave Jackson and Becky Stringer from the ashes of lauded Liverpool indie-popsters The Room,Benny Profane went on to explore darker musical territory over the two albums released in 1989 and 1990 both of which are included on this expanded CD.They became Dead Cowboys after they had split up.Carefully remastered by drummer/guitarist Joe McKechnie (who also played in The Passage) the set also features two tracks from the first BP demo in 1985 featuring guest Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen on guitar.Enhanced artwork with band images and text by Dave Jackson worth of 22 tracks in 75 minutes of music.

Here's the tracklisting:

Man on the Sauce, Skateboard to Oblivion, Pink Snow, Quickdraw McGraw Meets Deadeye Dick, A Handful of Nothing, Rob a Bank, Tear the Web, Wall to Wall, Stitch That, Here Comes the Floor, Time Bomb, Hey Waste of Space, Maureen, Beam Me Up, Devil Laughing, Walk Away Macbeth, Ghoul Friend, Perfect Girl, SHC, Everything, Vain Profane, Credulous as Hell

Whew...so many great releases!So pick your wants to enjoy the coming Heart's Day!

Buy these releases on LTM or Here