Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Turn To The Sky"


A bit furnishing some post that i should have posted in the past days but suddenly i didn't because of some problems regarding the time & schedule in school and in everyday life...Sorry if i had not posted a lot in this month due severely to the happenings around the country and now im back on track and bounce back to the world of P!O!P!dome.Do you remember the first time...?

A while back when i was searching (googling i mean),I had found about these great and charming kababayans up on their heels making catchy & fun pop songs on the other side of the globe,Hearing influences from a wide arrayed of great artists and recalling the cuteness of TWEE,The Skyflakes are more than just a band playing great indiepop tunes.Based in Northern California with a heart of a Filipino and consist of Tricia Saria Ramos (vocals),Ron Ramos (guitars),Jericho Saria (guitars),Oliver Saria (drums) and Jesse Gonzales (bass guitar).The band (who are truly living up to the term DIY) have self released their output on their own with their debut LP "Calling In Sick" being released in 2001.They also contributed to various compilations which resulted in gaining a cult following which includes appearances in "Casino & Fine Dining Vol.1" on F.U. Records in 2002,"Neighbourhood Watch" in 2003,"Underground Screams" also in 2003 on Asian Man Records and currently "7 Years Of APAture" and "The Bindlestiff Compilation".

The band is setting up their new recordings & a new member is expected to join the band this year & We're yearning for more crunchy & flakey tunes from this low profile group...

Here are a couple of their songs for you to taste:

The Skyflakes - "Bad Thoughts"
The Skyflakes - "Talk About Today"

For more on their sound/news/info and merchandise,Visit them Here

Thanks to Ron Ramos for the info and much needed help

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Everybeat Of The Heart"


Pretty back on hiatus after that stormy political destabilization at the start of the month and a great gig last Tuesday at 6 Underground in Makati.So many things had happened in the past days and I'm very happy that my life now has it's joy of living!Now going up on the direction of happiness and i wish it will push through as times (and tears?) goes by...

I kindly rekindled listening back to those tunes that i miss...Back in 1998 when i first encountered this band through the record collection of my cousin,Noel.He was playing a very upbeat song that i had to listen even for a glance just to hear those lovely melodies coming out of the stereo...Hurrah!At last,Ive heard The Railway Children.

Formed in Wigan,UK in 1984 and composed of Gary Newby,Brian Bateman,Guy Keegan & Stephen Hull.Playing with their brand of sweet & chimy guitarpop,The band found minimal success by signing to the influential indie label,Factory Records wherein they released their debut mini-LP "Reunion Wilderness" to much critical acclaim in 1987.This includes their debut single "A Gentle Sound" & the much lauded "Brighter"which later became hits.Their cult following began to uphold as they soon landed a major deal with Virgin Records resulting in their sophomore effort,"Recurrence" in 1988 featuring a much more guitar oriented tunes like "Over And Over" (my fave!) and "Monicas' Light".

In the fold of the late 80's where the music scene in the UK are widely based on dance music & the band soon incorporates dance beats on their sound releasing their third effort,"Native Place" was released in 1990.A very tight & interesting LP which includes "Everybeat Of The Heart","Collide","Because" and a lot more great tunes to unravished.A hiatus followed after the release of this LP...A Radio One Evening Sessions was released in 1993.Another blow was suffered when Bateman and Hull leave the band in 1994.In between this time,A compilation was released highlighting their best years on Virgin Records titled "Listen On" released in 1995 contains some b-sides & a different outtake on the title track.

A new hope was seen after a few years as the band (mainly composed of Newby) carried the torch as the should be 4th LP submerged in 1997 called "Dream Arcade" which includes the airy single "Skinship" on their own label Ether Records (after having a much dispute on March Records).A couple of years have followed before a compilation of acoustic & new songs were released titled "Gentle Sound" in 2003.A new stuff was set to released this year but still doesn't know if it will carry by name of The Railway Children or simply by Gary Newby...We'll never know so we better keep our fingers crossed...

Here are a couple of their songs to make you reminisce how good those ol' days are:

The Railway Children - "Like No Other" (demo 1989 unreleased)
The Railway Children - "Sunflower Room" (from the compilation tape "North Of England" 1988)

For more news/info,Visit them Here where you can also stream some of their videos

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Charlotte Sometimes"


Just got back in...What a week that was!A great timing as it was raining outside after a very warm day last week,Truly summer is on it's way and a few minutes later on...BOM BOM BOM...An earthquake occur!Holy gosh...Shaking down my head!But thank God it was just in a lower scale and i don't know...But im OK and trekking down the flooded area of a nearby community is a must,I did it...Yeah,yeah,yeah!!!

So back on a higher note,I received an e-mail from Nick Fuller & another great news to fonder with!Nick was in a band called Almost Charlotte (remember those Leamington Spa Series?).The band was formed way back in 1987 in Brighton,UK featuring Ian Phillipson,Anthony Squires,Bill Russell and a drum machine!The band was soon to be joined by Matthew Griffin and later Nick.

1989 saw the band garnering some rave reviews both on local radio with their brand of guitar pop inline with the twangy C86 style of playing.A release of material followed with their single "Sleep" being already released on their own Moments Of Pleasure label.The released catapulted them with a following & a chance to play with other great acts like Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie & The Band Of Holy Joy...Sadly,things were not on their way...As the band progressed,Bill Russel left and a replacement followed in the form of Gwyn Carwardine and Bill Tolputt briefly came but the sound of the band at that time was at far different from the original one that when founder & chief songwriter Ian Phillipson left,The band was put on a hiatus in 1990.

The band had already had their share in the P!O!P! world but it is not gonna end there...Much interest was found when copies of their release "Sleep" landed on different parts of the globe!Firestation Records included them in the 5th series of "The Sound Of Leamington Spa" which includes their song "Frustration" (taken from the "Sleep" release) garnering not only old fans but also fans across the world (including me!).

After the demise of Almost Charlotte the band was soon to give birth to other lovely bands called Bluff and presently,Rogue Beauty.Check them out & another cool news is that they have rejuvanated their own label,Moments Of Pleasure back on track again & they have a new compilation released just last December of last year titled "I Think Of The Sea" which includes old songs from Almost Charlotte & the label.

You can stream a couple of the tracks from release Here

Visit them Here for news/info

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Thanks to Nick Fuller for the pic & info