Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"So Twee"


Just finished reviewing some stuff on my own & I just uploaded some things on the blog.Today is a bit lovely,Lovely in a sense that it must be patterned with a lovely nor cute band which makes good & very cute music,Im gonna feature another local band which is very fluffy in terms of music they create,Spring Boutique.

Originally named Creamy Bicycle back in early 2000,The band which is composed of Anthony Agarpao (guitars) (see also:Fairy Dust),Precious Agarpao (guitars),Basil James Silva (drums),Caleb Domingo (bass) & Lorelie Landavora (vox) (see also:Under Shooting Stars).The band which plays pop at it's coolness & finest,bubblegum songs & anything soft but can knock your head off because of it's coolness (i always think that summer is just around the corner).They play indiepop tunes reminiscent of the likes of early The Cardigans,Club 8,Pipas & Swedish pop.

Creamy Bicycle changed their monicker to Spring Boutique in the middle of 2003 & has been on countless gigs around the city.The band has been since caught up with local indie label,Dorothy Records where they released their debut,"Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" in early 2003 which includes a mix of 60's pop,bossanova & indiepop,It also includes "I Thank You" & "Happy Song" (my fave!).Still enjoying success in local indie scene,The band found themselves releasing a CD-r series on Shelflife Records titled "It's A Sweet Thing!" which has now been sold out.

Luck was really on their way as their debut "Sunny Day Pop Tuesday" has been picked up by Japanese indie label,Quince Records to be distributed worlwide.They also did contribute a track on the compilation "Dashboard Teddy Version 1.0" released by Dorothy Records.The band has just got back gigging & maybe writing new songs to their future releases.Hoping to hear more on them in the coming month's...Here are a couple of their songs:

Spring Boutique - "Afternoon Lullabye"
Spring Boutique - "Summer Valentine"

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Saturday, August 13, 2005



Rainy days are just starting to get over but im still on a sleep mode...A bit lazy & just love listening to the online player when i came up with this cool band.They say in their webpage that if you enjoy cheesy keyboards, sub-par singing, computer-made drums, hand claps, tambourines, toy xylopones, and anpanman...And you're an indie rock fan,You'll love
The Bad Spellers!

The Bad Spellers played happy songs layered with casiotone,toy keyboards,clean guitars,fake drums & everything they can get their hands on.The duo of Tony (who mostly sings) & Yasuko (backing up on vox) make very sunny & shimmery pop songs reminiscent of Shoestrings (listen to the "In The Event That We Are Rescued"),Stephen Merritt project's & many bands we much missed on Sunday Records.They have just made pop tunes that will keep you smile & cherish those days...

They are included in the EP Club # 5 alongside other bands released by Asaurus Records in June/July of 2004 on a limited edition CD-r that was already sold out.They are also included in another compy "For Whom The Casio Tolls" released also by Asaurus last year.After travelling to Canada late last year to record with their friend,Justin Langlois which resulted in a split with Justin's band,The London Apartments.

The "Fall In Love" split EP with The London Apartments was released on their own until Chris of Post*Records offered to re-release it & a new artwork has been made as well as a CD was pressed to become Post*Records first ever release.Here are a couple of their songs:

The Bad Spellers - "Girls Say Moshii"
The Bad Spellers - "In The Event That We Are Rescued"

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Oceans And Seashells"


It's been a busy month & a lot of surprises coming along the way...I'm happy although the rain doesn't quite to stop for almost a week already..."Melodic but potent","Jangly,catchy but never offensive powerpop","Soulful","Shimmering..." & "Lyrical" are just words that best described this band I've currently listening to in my stereo.They were a band named Remember The Ocean.

Gaining the phrases that have best described their sound,The band who hails from South Florida composed basically of Kristin Larkin (vox/guitars),Earl Coralluzzo (guitars) & Thom Hammond (bass).The band (which has a hint of The Sundays,The Innocence Mission,Low,Cowboy Junkies) has played along with some notable acts such as Will Hoge,Lisa Loeb,Ani Di Franco,Etc.

The band has already released their debut LP,"Ruth" in 2000 on their own label,The Honeycomb which includes "Summer" (which is a handpicked choice of mine).This LP was voted best recording debut in South Florida by New Times.After 2 years they have released their sophomore LP,"Tomorrow After Dark" which have gained them a new following & a tour in support of the album's release.Here are a couple of their songs:

Remember The Ocean - "Summer"
Remember The Ocean - "Natchez Trace"

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"They're On Their Way"


Glad to be back again...How's everyone out there?Im just listening to a band which is a kinda quirky,fronted by cartoon pop images which plays good music called indie-pop,The Close-Ups.It was a North East England based songwriter/musician named Carl Green who mastermind the idea of forming the band (set-up of cartoon band).

The band members were Abby Kirkella (vox/bass),Rake (guitar),Zack McKenzie (backing vox/keyboards) & Newton Aycliffe (backing vox/drums) which were all created in design to Carl's pop experiments.They play cool pop tunes meets the music of modern day B-52's & reminiscent of Dressy Bessy with a touch of Petula Clark,Doris Day & other 60's artists.Through record releases & some videos,specially "I'm On My Way" which is a personal fave on their releases,They reminded me of Dressy Bessy meets The B-52's.Brilliant!The Close-Ups are another fine secret from the UK that should be heard by music enthusiast.

Expect to here more from them as they are set to release a debut album & some new tracks are gonna be posted on their site on September so watch out!

You can visit the band for news & buy their releases Here which also has some downloadable tracks & other reviews.