Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"November Spawned A Monster"


Hmmmnnn...I've been with the clouds as i am writing these as i just watched a gig last nite in ZEN in the middle of the Makati skyline along with some friends & a bunch of gig hungry fanatics!!!When we came,There is already a band playing which to my nerves,I don't care much (sorry...) so let's go to the actual gig which opened by a very cute & tasty quartet known as The Dorques.They remind me of Stereo Total,Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a mix of Talulah Gosh in their raw & bugging sound at the same time they are also fronted by a very cool girl!!! (i really love that finale song with it's rambling drumbeat which reminds me very much of Talulah Gosh's "Testcard Girl"!) & they opened the night with a staggering french song then followed it up with a groovy version of The Jesus & Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey" which took the surprise in myself as i was carried away singing the song...Great vibe and i want more & more on them...

A beer drinking contest followed which at the height of excitement included me! (nope,im not a hardcore drinker...) which got me tumbling down but a big thanks to my friend,Noel who replaced me in the competition & he placed 2nd on the said outing.The Smiths'esque/Morrissey driven tribute band,Dead Pop Stars soon followed and brought the house down with their Smiths's & Morrissey tunes as Pogz (vocals) stand up to much of the crowd's enthusiasm for them to play more even if he has trouble in his voice as he was suffering from sore throat last night.This band was at the peak of their career's (even spending a write-up on Spin magazine!) & i was a fan even before i see the band as i hear all the buzz recounting them as The Smiths/Morrissey of the Philippines & yeah!I was right when i finally see them on a dozen gigs on their full form,Can i ask for more?!!!

Another contest followed & it was the turn of synthpop duo,Watari's Machine.Made up of Nono (see:Names Are For Tombstones/Isolation Ward) and Boy.They play synthpop tunes reminiscent of early 80's & they cover that night a wide arrayed of 80's hit's like New Order's "Don't Do It",The Blue Nile's "Stay",Depeche Mode's "But Not Tonight",Etc.Armed with their bristling keyboards & high tech computers match with electronic drum kits,I expect to hear and see more from these dynamic duo...Actually i never finished their set as i was also about to go to Malate to see my other friends & im hoping to go to anoher happy & soaring gig's like these...In the weekend maybe?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Already Yesterday"


It's been a very warm day today...Catching up some sleep after a streak of sleepless nights & it's been a stressful week (excluding visits to the girl next door!!!) as i am still finishing some thesis as well as interview's via mail but still i find time to listen to these great fine music & bands...First up is the charming teamed up with bubbling synthpop tunes of Kanda.Armed with casio beat keyboards similar with the looks of toys,Arland(voice/guitar/synth/pianica/programming/toy xylophone/glockenspiel) & Akina (voice/guitar/synth/programming/violin/pianica/toy xylophone/glockenspiel) made dance music adorable again!Mixing it with chirpy robotic vocals (made by Arland) or a Tweepop inspired number (made by Akina) melted with blistering synth tunes reminiscent of Figurine,Ladytron,Pizzicato Five,Freezepop & other electronic pop blend bands.

They have released their debut LP,"It's A Good Name For You" on the 555 label (which have my fave "Turtle" with their lovely duet) & followed later by "All The Good Meetings Are Taken" early this year on Bop Tart Records.They even appeared on the Soft Cell tribute album called "Soft Love:A Tribute To Soft Cell" also released by 555 label which includes other synthpop acts like Figurine,New Waver,Kyoko,Huon,Other People's Children,Etc.

Here is bouncing synthpop track from them:

Kanda - "Arctic"

They also have a MySpace page wherein you can hear more from them

Buy their releases Here

Also im been very busy surfin the net as i read a wonderful sidenote made by Martijn of Think Small for noticing the underrated pop scene here in our country (Thanks mate!) & I just noticed that a website has finally surfaced for these long forgotten but great short lived band,The Nivens (not the Norwich based band with the same chronological name!!!).

The band's origin begins in 1987 at the Institute at Ashington, England.They were 4th on the bill to some local punks and a heavy metal band.Fast forward to January 1989.Number 10 in the indie charts with their first release.Yesterday”/”I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend” on Woosh Records.In the middle they played all over the north-east and occasionally ventured down south.The band supported such stars as The La's,My Bloody Valentine,Cud,Primal Scream,Brilliant Corners,Family Cat and Any indie band who bothered to visit the north.By 1990 they called it a day having been on the verge of lawsuit with another band with the same name.Their second release “The Dialect Drug” EP was withdrawn due to the case they were involved...

After a sparring years of obscurity,Firestation Records released the compilation "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 4" in 2004 which includes the single "Yesterday" & draw new interest in the band & new audience as well...They are set to release a compilation of demo's,singles & other hidden tracks in the coming year to be released also by Firestation Records which is absolutely well worth looking forward to...

Feel free to visit Them for news & info

They have a Tee for sale & You can buy it direct Here

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Cut Your Hair"


Im back from my long & weary hiatus from a vacation trip from Iloilo & How's everyone?My inbox is in full throttle & sorry if i miss a reply to anyone but i will & many great moments have passed by as before i leave i have watched a series of live production acts (I really loved that take by The Flying Adaptors on "Abandon Ship",LOVELY!) & Kings And Pawns (which is having a great time as they really melt my ears to their wonderful tunes...).Now,back in my crib laying down some stuff & Im quite abusive listening to these pop duo,The Haircuts.

Formed by their loved of P!O!P! music & incidentally...tape hiss!!!Ryan Marquez (see:Apple Orchard/Sodajerk/Carnival Park) and Teresa Daniele (see:Sarah,Plain & Tall/Paint Your Wagon Red) met on the web & instantly opened up on the idea of long distance collaboration (using 4 track cassette recorder) with each other resulting to the beautifully crafted songs which reminds me of Pipas & other twee oriented artists.

They have releases on the Best Kept Secret label entitled "Up Up And Away With Haircuts" which includes my fave Haircut track,"It's Summer When I'm With You" & currently on the fledging Swedish label,Yellow Mica Recordings which released their "It's Always Better When We're Together" CDrEP.They are also included in the compy "Our Heart's Beat Out Of Tune" also released by Yellow Mica Recordings.Looking forward on more poppin' and boppin' tunes from these duo & Here's a couple of their perfect bedroom ridden pop song's:

The Haircuts - "It's Summer When I'm With You"
The Haircuts - "Summer"

Check them out Here for news/mp3's

Buy their releases Here

While checking out my box,A band from Sweden emailed me & whew!Hastily,I was blown with their hazy & drowning sound which brought back memories of the past decade.Im talking about Samuraj Cities.Taking a hint of shoegaze with lush textures of guitars mix with electronic drumbeats,The band is taking their time & you can download their free songs Here including my fave "All Along The Shoreline".

I do not have any info on them but more on them to follow & as of now,Here's a couple of their dreamythronica stuff:

Samuraj Cities - "All Along The Shoreline"
Samuraj Cities - "The Empty Stage"

Now im in full load & gonna back on track & Im gonna feature a couple of interviews in the coming days & Hopefully an upcoming compilation CD in the coming year & I'll give an info on that & as for now...Keep on listening & cheers for the year's!!!