Monday, December 01, 2008

"All That Jazz"


Time to get back again and it's a manic Monday so im gonna catch some things up like as i need some light to shine on me... Yesterday was a bit busy weekend as i was with my friend waking hours up and talking about the recent CD sale happening and the current great new & upcoming releases ( which im gonna post in the coming days! ) while we we're having dinner somewhere in an overpopulated mall in Quezon City ( so many people this season isn't it?! ). I was very full when we parted ways and it was my first time eating a FULL hainanese white chicken meal! Im so full packed!!! But thanks anyway mate...

I wake up at 11:30 AM earlier and had the chance to listen to this swirly/indierock group who called themselves The Permanent Smilers. I first heard them back in July this year when Richard from the band emailed me and was very kind to send me some of their music including their newly released LP titled "Jazz Liberties". Heavily influenced by post punk band The Stranglers and mix it with jazz singers with a hint of classical music, The band plays music that recalls the heydays of indierock groups like Sugar and Pixies with Richard's voice not so distant far with Francis Black and Bob Mould in song's "Temporary" and "Curfew Of The Sun" with crunchy guitar lines washing along the lines.

The band is composed of Richard Lemongrower ( acoustic/electric guitar/keys/mandolin/oil drum/spade/percussion ), Johnny Cole ( bass guitar ) and Pete Fraser ( drums ). Richard formed the band after his previous band, The Lemongrowers ( who released 2 LP's in the mid 90's, "Segments" and "The Ultimate Mutation" respectively. ) folded in the late 90's. Influenced by New Wave and Ska in the 80's along with the Britpop cockiness of the 90's which he later mix up when he formed The Permanent Smilers. Their debut LP "Sit Down And Smile" was released last year on their own Citric Sounds label. It includes the shimmering 60's pop of "Without You" and the splattering powerpop of "My Beautiful You". A band to adored for if you loved indierock with a touch of true DIY ethic and class of their own.

Feel free to listen to them in their Myspace or Buy their records Here