Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Feel The Beat And Do It Anyway"


How are the popkids and fans feeling nowadays? It's been close to a year since i last wrote an article but it's kinda refreshing to be back!!! Thanks to the wonderful world of music and a lot of great new bands to hear on in with new releases to catch on their backs...I just woke up after a drinking spree last night with the Ortega boys and it was lovely to see a brand new day passing by with the sounds of electro-tinged pop from the beautiful London based band, Sparky's Magic Piano.

The band which is comprised of Marion Turnbull ( vocals ) and Oliver Bartlett ( guitar/synths/effects ) plays music which may bring to mind the likes of St. Etienne, Freezepop, Stereolab and Club 8 on their electronic mode. They have just released their LP late last year titled "Feel The Beat And Do It Anyway" on the Melody Factory label which features songs filled by love layered by beautifully crafted electronic music, Songs such as "Something Somewhere", "You Like Her" really mend my ears and my favorite track "Like Falling In Love". This is pure, crisp indiep!o!p! music you must chilled on! Cloudberry Records have also released an EP which is also my personal fave none other than "Falling In Love". They have been playing around the UK since last year and im sure there is a lot more coming in from them, I can't wait and surely will feel that beat and i'm really doing it anyway!!!

Buy the CD Here or Direct from Them

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