Friday, January 06, 2006

"Completely And Utterly"


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!It's been a busy year & I am hoping these time it will be a fruitful one...And my hopes were heard...In celebration of the great C86 tape (whoa!It's been 20 years!) Cherry Red is releasing a compy by one of the great and sadly missed band of that music scene,The Chesterfields titled "Electric Guitars In Their Hearts" which will be released this month & a great stuff to kick the year off...

Formed in Yeovil,Somerset,England back in 1984 & signed to the legendary Subway Organisation label.This 27 track compilation is the first to cover the whole of the band's career.After having 4 Independent chart hit singles, including the highly rated "Ask Johnny Dee",Their debut album "Kettle" was released in 1987 and reached No 5 in the Indie Charts - two more albums,"Westward Ho!" and "Crocodile Tears" followed over the next two years."Flood",their 2nd LP appeared in 1994 on the Viny Japan label."Electric Guitars In Their Hearts" also features a previously unreleased version of "Glad For You",with Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey),Clare Mactaggart (Portishead) and Andy Strickland (The Loft).Here's the tracklisting:

Shame About The Rain / Completely And Utterly / Ask Johnny Dee / Sweet Revenge / Best Of Friends / Two Girls And A Treehouse / Nose Out Of Joint / Love Mountain / Oh Mr Wilson / What's Your Perversion / Pop Anarchy / Sob Sob Story / Everything A Boy Could Ever Need / Goodbye Goodbye / Last Train To Yeovil / Let It Go / Lunchtime For The Wild Youth / Alison Wait / Blame / Male Bimbo / Fool Is A Man / Down By The Wishing Pool / Glad For You / Fountain Of Youth / Hangover Eve / Something Happening /The Berlin Walk

More info on them Here

It seems that a lot of interest has been garnered on the whole C86 scene as the previous re-issues of The Loft,The Dentists,The June Brides,The Flatmates,Etc and now The Charlottes.Cherry Red is having a full blasts as it brings one of the classic pioneers of long gone era,Another compilation titled "Liar:The Best Of" will also be released this month.The
Charlottes were formed in Huntington in Cambridgeshire in 1988 and were usually tagged alongside the likes of The Primitives and The Darling Buds of the post C86 era but sonically were more attuned to the fx driven wall of sound pioneered by My Bloody Valentine.Their debut single "Are You Happy Now?" received much support from the fanzines of the time (House of Dolls,Pop Eats Apathy) and was said to be a twee classic by Dave Simpson of Melody Maker.

They were signed to Subway Organisation label in February 1989 and this resulted in the mini album "Lovehappy".Steve Lamacq of the NME gave the album 9 out 10 and declared The Charlottes to be "altogether more sexy than Kylie".Just as impressed John Peel interviewed the band for his Cambridgeshire show and they later recorded a 4 track session for him at Radio 1 which was repeated.The band split from Subway and signed a deal with Cherry Red their first release being the EP "Liar".This was promoted by a short tour and the making of a video which received exposure from MTV’s more alternative shows.In December 1990 Simon Scott left the band to join Slowdive who were on the Creation label.Cherry Red then released the existing tracks the band had recorded under the title "Things Come Apart" in 1991.The Charlottes left behind a small but impressive legacy... This release includes all their studio recordings.Here are the tracklisting:

Are You Happy Now / Cold / Stubborn / See The Danger Shine / Everything To Me / In My Hair / Love Happy / Love In The Emptiness / Be My Release / Could There Ever Be / Liar / Prayer Song / See Me Feel / By My Side / Mad Girls Love Song / Beautify / Love In The Emptiness (alt version) / Were Going Wrong / Blue / Venus

More info on them Here

Im looking forward in many re-releases this year & bring back those shambling days again!!!

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Loki said...

wondered when someone would get around to a Chesterfields comp! spent much of my mid-teens dancing like a spazz in front of these guys and then pretending i hated them...