Monday, April 30, 2007

"Pop Goes The World"

How are you guys? It's Summertime!!! And it has been a long time and i'm back on the current mood to write some new music and event's that happened to me in the past year and month's...Wow! I miss this but hey don't think that i also stop listening for the past months as it was a no-no specially when i gotten hold of listening to this band one hot afternoon, So cloudy day that it perfectly fit to what im listening at that moment.How come you wouldn't loved this new but great band from Gothenburg, Sweden who called themselves The Electric Pop Group.
The band was formed by accident (or by nature of love?) when Martin Aamot (guitar/drum programming/vocals) met Linnéa (keyboards) back in May 2003.The meeting spark what will be the core of the very lovely song "Popgirly" (I really loved this song...It came from the heart!) with it's dreamy guitar lines mix with the JAMC'ish drumming which Martin wrote for Linnéa.The idea of forming a band soon followed as Martin's brother, Erik Aamot (guitar/vocals) also came aboard.In fall of 2006 the band has grown into a five-piece unit as they were joined by Gustaf Murman (guitar) and Jimmi Thunholm (bass guitar) which typified their crowning sound of heartache and gorgeous melodies.It's like The Field Mice was reincarnated along with the bunch of Sarah Records bands like Another Sunny Day or The Hit Parade, They played songs that echoes those bands like they upstart the revolution of twee 15 0r 20 year's ago.

The debut self-titled LP was released December of last year to critical acclaim to the loyal indiepop followers earning them one of the bands to look up to as they jangle our cold heart's with brimming glitter of soft tunes which speak slowly to your ears.Just as the band was so busy rehearsing and making new tunes, Linnéa opted to leave the band just this month due to reason of lack of time practising with the band...A bit sad but life must go on.They are schedule to play this year's Indie Tracks Festival on July with the likes of The Orchids, The Hermit Crabs and many more...

Let's keep hoping there's more from them as we listen to their heartwarming tunes along the way, Here are a couple:

There's more Here
Buy the album direct Here or if you're in Sweden you can buy it Here


Barbara said...

Thanks for writing this.

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