Tuesday, June 26, 2007



It's been a while and gotta shake that giggling summer feeling that i feel...Thanks to that great news that this band has already gotten up the webspace that i long been waiting for their astonishing sound and musical direction, Im talking about the mighty Moscow Olympics. I just get the desire back into writing when i heard their new songs they uploaded on their Myspace. They just keep getting better and better whenever i see them play live or hear their demos as each time it was different just like harmonies waving around my head!.

The band ( originally known as The Lubitels but had to dropped the name when one of their member leave & in respect to the former ) which play music that recall those dancings days mix with a beatiful wash of noise that can be aligned with the likes of Blueboy in their "Popkiss" and "Unisex" days, New Order with Bobby Wratten on their lead and The Wake on their MBV mode. Consist of Aj Domingo ( vocals/guitars ) , who used to be a former Candyaudioline, Soft Pillow Kisses, Colour Contest member and also currently a member of soul specialists, Soul Connection. Richard Olaguera ( guitars ) also a former Colour Contest and used to be with Fingernail Cocktail and now leads Soul Connection, Jojo Sarmiento ( keyboards ) who is a member of Dorian Of Juniper Bells, The Violet Hour, She Came To Stay and plays now in the monicker of Joaquin Esquivel, Dino Amparo ( drums ) another former Candyaudioline and lastly the girl with the bassline in her side, Melanie Valera ( bass ).No wonder Peter Hahndorf voted them as one of the best bands not residing in the UK or US on his recent trip in Manila and on the TweeNet Poll.

They are currently mixing some new songs & I can't wait to hear for more as prior to what i heard on their new tunes like the hypnotic yet chillbending track "Safe" ( which is my favourite now! ) which reminds me of Blueboy's "Imipramine" on their shorelike guitar waves! We want more & I hope the world is listening for this beautiful supergroup...Surely they will!.
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they're wonderful

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