Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Wide Awake"


It's been a cold & busy week here,Because it's raining.Im just listening (along with the cold winds) from a band called Apple Orchard.Apple Orchard is composed of Ryan Marquez (see also:Sodajerk/The Haircuts/Carnival Park) & Dale Marquez (see:Sonnet LVIII),both residing now in California & yup they are brooding brothers not only in blood but also in honest & pure pop musik.Listening to them reminds me of Sarah Records bands in it's peak,a hint of SweetWilliam,Trembling Blue Stars,Bouquet,anything that sounds soft & sparkling but simple & catchy music that came from heart.

It started as a solo offset project by Ryan from his previous work with his other band,Sodajerk.Just writing songs & spending a summer back in '99 & hearing first the lovelorn sweet melodies of "Apple Orchard" by Bouquet & wow,how sweet that it blossomed to a cool band and when rehearsing from a studio session,Dale sessioned in bass & the outcome is as complexed as before.Up to date,they are now playing as a duo & released a handful of singles through various labels & compilations both here & overseas.

I love the band & i like their shimmering cover of The Groovy Little Numbers classic,"You Make My Head Explode".Personal faves include "Wadaiko" & "Wide Awake",These are the songs we always never hear (or will never hear) in a regular day or a crappy radio station/s (Go nuts,you Wankers!!!) but will surely have a place in our hearts.

You can pay them a visit Here or i have link them to my link section.They have some songs/mp3's awaiting to be heard!

Also check out some of his bands/side-projects:

Sodajerk Website
Carnival Park Website
The Haircuts Website

You can buy some of the bands releases Here


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