Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?"


To start of a good day,I want to feature one of my favorite local indie band here in the Philippines,Soft Pillow Kisses.The band which includes the current line-up of Allan Montero (guitar/vox) (see:Candyaudioline/Aspirin/Superminty),Charles Manjares (guitar) (see:Populardays/Superminty),Lara Agulto (bass) (see:Death By Tampon/Fairy Dust),Eloha Laurel (vox) & Gilbert Magat (drums) (see:Superminty).Heavily influenced by a bunch of indiepop bands with a style of their own & crafting their music on perfect pop sensibilities.

Being one of the surviving acts in the indie movement here,The band had already released a wide arrayed of singles on various compilations both here & abroad.They were included in the indie compilation "Mutual Admiration Society" on Definition Records (includes "This Gentle Feeling" & "It Will Never Last (Forever)").Another is "Uno Documento Compilo" on Documento Records (includes a live version of "Harsh Words").In 2003,They were included in the compilation "I'd Spend My Day With You" (includes "Stolen Flowers") along with other indie acts both here & around the globe released by Universal Records Philippines.Also in 2003 that they were included in Dorothy Records compilation "Dashboard Teddy Ver.1.0" (which includes the Rocketship'ish tune, "Candybar") along with local & foreign bands contributing in it.

They were supposed to released an 8 song mini-LP on Shelflife Records (tentatively titled "Waiting For Your Words") but they decided not to push through due to numerous line-up changes.They are included in the Shelflife release,"You're Still Young At Heart" (which saw them take a dreamy cover of The Crooner song "Over The Rainbow"). Here are a couple of the band's lovely songs:

Soft Pillow Kisses - "Harsh Words"
Soft Pillow Kisses - "Stolen Flowers"

If you want a pop-py day,You can listen more on them Here & see what they can do!

You can view an interview done with the band Here & more on the band to follow.

Buy their releases Here

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