Friday, July 08, 2005



I remember when i was still a kid,circa '88 or '89 i think,My mom used to take me out early morning to have me beamed by the sun (Thanks a lot i've got no sunburns?) & now after 13 years i missed that thing & i missed being a kid in a long time just like last night,Im a bit dull & moody but still i plug the stereo on & play that CDr my friend gave to me,It was from a band from Dublin,Ireland named Hey Paulette!

I got interested quickly cause the name is quite lovely in a sense that it was also quirky,
Hey Paulette! was Eamonn Davis (vocals/guitar),Derrick Dalton (guitar/sometimes he sings) & Colm Fitzpatrick (bass).You ask where is the drummer though it was their main problem & still they got a "Temporary" permanent drummer in Darren Nolan.

Being lumped in the C86 scene without either them knowing it,The band recorded their debut 7"
"Commonplace" on the Mickey Rourke's Fridge label.This single was sent by the band to legendary DJ John Peel on Radio 1 back in '88 with a handwritten note.After,they recorded an EP titled "Mickey Rourkes Fridge Presents".After releasing the EP they do a Peel Session on BBC & did a tour in London.

They recorded another EP,a 12" titled "I Really Do Love Penelope"(This song was later included in the compilation "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.1" released by
Firestation Records/Tweenet Communications).This was produced by Stan Erraught of Stars Of Heaven (remember them?).Stan later helped & joined the band & played on the final recordings of their last 2 songs "Inconsequential"(Also released on a compilation titled
"Seven Summers International Pop Vol.2" by Tweenet Communications/Kindercore Records) & "Pebbledash".

They've split in '91 due to musical differences.Eamonn,Colm & Stan went on to form The Sewing Room.Derrick went on to play in several bands(Including a Blondie tribute band!) before he rejoined Eamonn to form Crumb .They are now currently playing with Eileen Gogan (ex-The Would Be's) in a band called Melba.

You can visit Hey Paulette! for some MP3's/News & Updates Here

Buy the "I Really do Love Penelope" 12" Here

Thanks to Derrick Dalton for the info about the band.

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