Thursday, July 07, 2005

"A Beginning Of Something Wonderful"


Been busy uploading the blog but still up & Im listening to a local band called Orange & Lemons,taking their cue with 60's meets 80's tinged pop,the band which was composed of McCoy Fundales on vocals/acoustic guitar,Clem Castro also on vocals/lead guitar,brothers Ace & JM Del Mundo on drums & bass respectively...

Originally hailing from Bulacan but sounding like they were from Liverpool,Heavily influenced by The Beatles,The Smiths,The Wild Swans,Etc.The band which was still starting to have a cult following back then,Stormed every gig given to them & It was there on one gig that they caught the attention of Toti Dalmacion,a music honcho & enthusiast & quickly given a chance to be signed on his now fledging label,Terno Recordings.Terno released their wonderful debut LP "Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream" in the end of 2003,It was then included in many of the Year's Best Albums & after a year,They achieved the NU 107's "Best New Artists" for 2004.

Now back after a much au-go-go,The band have a new release under new label,Universal Records Philippines titled "Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot",Still jangling the scene & it includes some of their finest songs like "Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)","Cycle Of Love" & many more,They have a hint of The Chesterfields,The Smiths,The Beatles,Etc.If you want,You can check out the bands songs Here to hear them & for news/updates.

Buy Orange & Lemons CD Here

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