Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Dreams Never End"


Just back after a backbreaking walk from our house to a mall nearby,Passing along brick laden roads brought back memories...Along with the sudden pour of the rain,I quickly go back home & listened to another blossoming band named Daydream Cycle.

Daydream Cycle is a unique fusion of samples, drum loops, raw ambient guitars, a bassline with a life of its own, And an ethereal voice that sends your soul into mystic abstraction. The band is formed way back in 2000 & composed of Japs Sergio (Guitars),Bogs Jugo (Electro Gear/Beat Programmer/Drums) & Kathy Meneses (Vocals).They were joined on their live set/outings by 2 former members of local band,Teeth,Jerome Velasco (also on Guitars) & Andrew Sergio (Yup,He is Japs bro) (Bass) who will soon become permanent members of the band.

The band have already released their self-titled debut (released on their own Metronome Musik label) album which includes their hit "My Luscious Star",a track that put them on the radio map & gave them a cult following (Including Me!).A blend of electronica mixed with psychedelic beats & a shoegaze'y feel,A trippy,indiepoppy voice add a different aura to the band.They plays regularly on "Buzznite",a monthly production gig headed by Allan Montero (of Soft Pillow Kisses/Candyaudioline/Aspirin fame) alongside many local indie bands.It was at this time that a friend of the band,Dale Marquez (of Sonnet LVIII/Apple Orchard) sent some demo's to US label,Shelflife Records & the label heard their cool sound so much that they are signed by Shelflife Records.

The band which are now riding success not only here but constantly abroad,At the same time their debut self-titled LP was released & having it well received by many music fans & critics which includes Laura Watling ( ex-The Autocollants) ,She wrote from an e-mail:"...Speaking of good shoegaze bands,Anyone who loves that late-80's/early-90's shoegaze sound should check out the band Daydream Cycle from the Philippines..."

The band recorded a very trippy version of The Shermans song "Lousy Judge Of Character" which was included in "You're Still Young At Heart" compilation on Shelflife Records & after a short hiatus have now released their sophomore effort titled "Underwater Kite" (also released independently on their Metronome Musik label).It includes "Roses & Cadillacs" (My fave!) & "Lousy Judge Of Character" (which was previously only available on the Shelflife Records compilation).
Now let's go & hear them again & if you want to hear some Daydream song's,Click Here

You can buy the "Underwater Kite" CD Here

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