Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Under The April Skies"


Thanks to all those who comments bout the Blog & been busy listening to the new EP "Three Minute Singles" of a band from Norway (i cannot understand the language written on their site but i loved their music!) called The April Skies (accidentally,there is also another band who called themselves The April Skies from Hershey,Pennsylvania,USA) but we will concentrate on the Europe based band.

Consisting of Anders Kaasen who plays the guitar,Lars Jakob Stava on bass,Alexander Unhjem sings & a girl on drums (cool!) named Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl.The band who formed just last year 2004,Already make a name for themselves by making music that is pure guitar pop & just good music.Taking a wide range of influences (as seen on the cover of the EP) from The Monkees,Lou Reed,The Walker Brothers,The Smiths,The Jesus & Mary Chain,The Stone Roses,Etc.

The EP which consists of 4 tracks full of surprises from the start of the opening title track "Three Minute Singles" to the anorak pop of "Rise & Rise Again" (my fave,i played it till midnight!) then turns into a somber "Heaven Knows It's Not Too Bad" & to the northern soul tinged closing of "Not Your Baby" (this one is a demo).These are the songs that inspires them & so they culled it together to be a 3 minute pop songs.I expect to see much more on the cool guitar band & You can hear some of their songs or view the band in their site Here

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