Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Count With Your Fingers"


How's everyone?As you may see,i didn't post yesterday cause Monday is quite a busy day for me (start of my class day for instance) & i resume posting today,I just got off from school after a hectic class (still,Thanks to some of my mates for doin some of the job).Racking up today is another local band from Cebu named Sheila & The Insects.You may wonder because of the band name,Why?because there is no band member that is named Sheila & secondly,There is no girl/woman in the band & Why Sheila & The Insects?(even i doesn't know).

The band traces it's roots from a band called The End.Ian Zafra (gutiars/harmonica/vox) formed The End back in December of '91 along with some friends,The band started playing some covers of their favorite artists (mostly consists of 80's/New Wave artists/bands) being The Smiths,The Church,The Wild Swans,The Cure,Etc. & at the same time,writing stuff of their own.Through the years,the band encountered some line-up changes & in '95,They eventually settled on Orven Enoveso as their vocalist.With a very little attention & some small clubs to play in,The band still survives & still writes & record new songs.

Still carrying on that independent surge on their back,They earned a weekly spot playing in the now defunct club,Artist Dais.But still fate was not on their side,Just when they were beginning to receive media attention,2 band members left leaving only Zafra & Enoveso.The End became Sheila & The Insects in 1996 with the acquisition of 2 new members,Anthony Aseniero (bass) & Blair Kabahar (drums/percussion).Aseniero was eventually replaced by Benjie Fernandez (bass/backing vox) when the band migrated to Manila in '99 & also that year,They released independently their debut "Tangible Rhymes" to a not wider audience but still manages to sold it out in time when Record labels show no support to the band.

The band got their much needed recognition when they released their 2nd LP "Plastic Eyes, Static Minds" in N/A label in 2000,It brought in 2 singles that gave them their biggest break,the ringing guitars of "Everyday Drive" (my fave) reminds me of The Railway Children & "Your Comedy" both reaching the radio charts & bringing home Best New Artists as well in the yearly NU 107 music awards.

After a fruitful stint in Manila they returned to their hometown of Cebu,Still being active in the local music scene.The band went on to release their 3rd effort titled "Manipulator" (this was sold out but thanks it was re-issued this year) to an audience hungry in their music (Including me!) back in 2002,It spawned the single "Idle Hands",Gaining their status as one of the country's premier Indie acts to watch for but after the release of the album,The band split up due to musical differences.

Ian & Orven then reformed the band & recruited a new set of members,Boobob (bass) (ex-Glitch) & Jerros Dolino (drums) (ex-Urbandub) & now charged up to release their 4th material planned to be released this month,A new batch of songs that will bring us back again in those times where we dance til' the dewdrops fall,a cross of 80's pop & 90's alternative ambiance.Let's hear again Sheila & The Insects rock & pop the house down!

You can hear some of their stuff/songs Here
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