Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon"


Quite busy but still keeping it up & next to my feature is a forgotten but memorable band from London,A band called Jamie Wednesday.The band which was known back then as The Ballpoints & then they changed it to Dead Clergy until they sticked to Jamie Wednesday.

Formed way back in early '85 by James Robert Morrison (lead vox/acoustic guitar),The band is composed of Leslie Carter (backing vox/bass guitar),Lindsay Lowe (Trumpet),Simon Henry (Saxophone) & Dean Leggett (drums/percussion).

The story of the band formation started when James,Simon,Dean & Henry were in a studio rehearsing/recording some songs but there is a prob,They needed a bass player when accidentally James saw Leslie Carter,who was also in the studio playing with another band.James & Leslie known each other before & they even performed together bacvk then so when James ask Leslie to play bass in their band so was Jamie Wednesday was born.

Consistent playing in various clubs landed them a deal & to be signed on the then fledging indie label,Pink Records.They recorded 2 EP's (both released in 7 " & 12 "),"Vote For Love" (my fave choice) (released in 1985) & "We Three Kings Of Orien't Aren't" (released in 1986) respectively.They did contribute also to 2 compilations of the label,"It Sells Or It Smells" & "Beauty".Still,The band never reached that mark that they wanted to as they sold not well to the dismay of the label.

In an interesting side,Jamie Wednesday was the one responsible for the name of another great band,Pop Will Eat Itself.The Poppies (as what their fans call them) claim their name through a write-up by David Quantick about the band in NME.After playing as a band in a couple of years (1985-87),Jamie Wednesday split before a gig in Astoria in London in 1987.James & Leslie Carter still filled in that gig (along with a backing tape!) & so Carter USM was formed.James became Jim Bob & Leslie was Fruitbat.

Dean Leggett went on to play drums for another forgotten band,Bob (which played extensively along with Carter USM).Lindsay & Simon became couple & Fruitbat says up to now (How Soon Is Now?) they still were.They were said to be playing in a jazz band at present time. Carter USM enjoyed a little success in the '90's (Ehmm,who says no to Grebo?).You can check out some of news on the Jim Bob/Carter USM Here

You can hear/download some of the band's sadly missed classic songs Here

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Tom said...

God I hated that band and Carter USM! I remember seeing the latter support The Charlottes at the old Fulham Greyhound - shudder is not the word :)