Sunday, July 10, 2005

"If Only Words"


Back again & i do hope everything is fine & been very busy listening to some new/old records that my friend Danny gave me this past weekend & been studying at the same time is...Uhmm,hard.Im currently listening to one of my favorite (among a list of many other artist's/bands) band from Sheffield,One Thousand Violins.

Composed of Colin Gregory (guitar),Dave Walmsley (guitar/keyboard),Darren Swindells (bass),Peter Day (drums) & John Wood (vocals).The band formed back in '85 & executed their brand of 60's influenced pop all over Europe (specially in Germany,where they are well known).At the same year,They released their debut single "Halcyon Days" on Dreamworld label & later,"Like One Thousand Violins" to a wider audience,Including legendary DJ John Peel (having it included in his yearly Festive-Fifty outing).

1986 saw the band released a mini-LP titled "Please Don't Sandblast My House!" on Constrictor Records (This has a CD which also include their other mini-LP "Locked Out Of The Love-In",Combined in a CD & was also released by Constrictor Records in '87) (If you find one,Go grab it!I think Germany has most of it,Constrictor was based in Germany) & After a year,Peter Day was replaced by Ian Addey on drums.

1988 was a promising year for the band (which was starting to build a cult following) but John Wood departed (later to front The Chrysalids) & was replaced by a young Vince Keenan,Having previously played in some local bands & just in time after splitting with his former band,
The Hays Office.The year also saw the band released a proper LP,"Hey Man That's Beautiful" (anyone care to re-issue?) on Immaculate Records,which includes some of their best song's to date,includes "If Only Words","If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart)" & "Start Digging My Grave Sugar" (see: "The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.3") & was named best album of Sheffield Star Tabloid in 1988.

It was also in '88 that they toured & headline a successful 2 week German tour,having supported by These Immortal Souls & Pop Will Eat Itself on the tour.January 1989 saw the Violins do one of the first ever UK BBC Live Radio Sessions & the sessions was for BBC North & 6 songs were broadcast from Hull (These were taped & has now been mastered to CD).Although having success in their hometown & Germany,(apart excellent reviews of being a good band not only in studio but also being in live) One Thousand Violins split in May 1989 ,Colin Gregory formed The Dylans (aside from guesting/playing in James Dean Driving Experience),Vince Keenan was asked to formed a band with Dave (sadly,he died of Cancer in '92) & There was a suggestion from Colin to Vince & Ian to try The Dylans but Vince formed
The Splendid Fellows ( see:"The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.2") & later on SPIGGOT.Darren Swindells has moved to London & little is known.Ian Addey still plays drums in a band called Orange Fall. Where are the 2 ex-members you asked?Well,Peter Day has moved to kent & became a Photographer while John Wood fronted The Chrysalids & now plays with Yves Altana in a project called Recognized.In 2001,Vinyl Japan issued a career spanning collection + some B-sides titled "Like One Thousand Violins". For more news/info bout the band,You can pay a visit to their site Here

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